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02 April, 2014

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

What Is SEO: SEO is a short form of "Search Engine Optimization". By
Search Engine Optimization you can submit your site on Search Engine
to reach more people for free. As an example if you Search on Google,
Yahoo or any other Search Engine for something like "Online News
Paper" you will see a lot online newspaper website are shown on result
page. Now the question is how Search Engine finds those website links?
Does Search Engine selecting this link their own? Or someone requested
to add?
Both are right. First someone submitted their site to Search Engine.
Then Search Engine added those sites and showing on result page. Now
from submitting a site to showing results, everything is Search Engine
Optimization (SEO). All sites listed on Search Engines are shown as a
result. But only perfectly Optimized websites are shown on the first
page. And websites that listed on the first page get more traffic.
Search Engine select result listing rank of needed, importance,
quality etc. And a good SEO makes a website qualified for first page

Why Search Engine Optimization is important: Why Search Engine
Optimization are important? Why need it to do? The answer is more
visitor means traffic. Without visitor, website have no value. And for
more traffic, SEO is one of the most important part. Few points are-
1) By SEO, website will reach to more and more people.
2) Make a website popular.
3) Increase website visitor/traffic.
4) To earn more money from the website using different platforms.
5) It's make harder position to stay in the competition.

Benefit of Search Engine Optimization: Is not possible to say all
benefits of SEO. To get more traffic on website SEO is the most
important part. At this time no one has enough time to remember your
site. Also no time to note it and find later. Search Engine are more
faster to find anything. By Search Engine anyone can find out
something that need. And more faster.
Also to spread new product or software or something else to people,
you must need SEO. By spreading your site to more user you can get
more sell. More clicks on ads. So it increases overall earnings.

What's Needed To Learn SEO: To learn Search Engine Optimization, you
have to learn few basic things. That's are -
1) Knowledge about website
2) Knowledge about backlinks
3) Knowledge about page rank
4) Keywords Research
5) Usage of meta tags
6) Good Knowledge about Search Engine Optimization
7) Knowledge about Onpage and Offpage Optimization

What You Should Do For SEO: So now you know about SEO. Now what you
have to do for your website SEO?
You can do two things.
1) Do SEO yourself.
2) Hire someone or company to do SEO.

Do SEO yourself: To do SEO your own, you must have good knowledge
about it. Because a mistake can down your website ranking and also
it's can affect your website popularity. You can take a course of SEO
to learn. It's not hard to learn it. Also it's save your money.

Hire someone or company to do SEO: If you don't have enough time or
don't know SEO, you can hire someone/company to do this. But choice
someone/companies who will care your website. As i said before that
bad SEO can damage your website ranking, you have to care about it . .
. . . . .

31 March, 2014

PHP Online Tutorial

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Hypertext Preprocessor known as PHP is the most popular server-side
scripting language designed for web development. Now a days PHP is
most important language to design websites. Also for performance PHP
is the best. That's why more then 40% of websites based on PHP.
If you want to learn web development, it's the time to start learning
PHP. Also PHP is free software. And you can learn it for free.

I comed here with few best PHP tutorial/article website where you can
learn PHP, can try and get additional help. Follow all instruction
there to be a best PHP developer.





















27 March, 2014

WordPress Theme Development Tutorials

Do you want to customize your self hosted wordpress blog? Want to
learn wordpress theme development for yourself or your
client/business? Need guideline?

Today we shared few most popular website/article link about wordpress
theme development and wordpress customization.

Hopefully you will be able to learn and create your own WordPress
themes for yourself or your client/business.

Lets start learning . . .

15 January, 2014

6 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

There was many way to earn money through internet. One of them are
Blogging. And there was many method to earn from Blogging. But it's
hard to find out easy, secured and standard way to earn money through
Blogging. In this post you'll find few method that you can use to earn
money from Blogging.

But note at first you have to choice which method you want to use to
earn money before starting Blogging. By Keyword Research you can find
high searched topics that can eligible to use with your selected
earning method and on that topics you can start Blogging.
Now we will know the methods that eligible to use on Blogging.

1) Google Adsense: Google Adsense is most favorite, easy and trusted
way to earn money from Blog. It's a pay per click programs where
Google will show relevant ads on your Blog and if visitor clicked on
ads, you will be paid. It's most favorite because it's easy to set up
and use. Also you just have to apply and if approved you can use.
After approval you have to collect ads code from Google Adsense
Dashboard and have to place it on your Blog. No need to do extra

If your application approved, Google will crawl your every link/page
of your Blog to know what keywords/type is your Blogged used. Then on
relevant keyword/type ads will show on your Blog. So it's have most
chance that visitor click on ads. Because visitor searching or trying
to find something that are related to your keywords.

But note. If you click on your own Blog ads or asked your friends to
click on ads, have chance to suspended from Google Adsense. So never
do that. And at first read terms and conditions of Google Adsense.
It's help to to earn money without any problem or risk.

2) Direct Advertisement Banner Code: If your blog traffic is high
then your can earn by placement Banner Advertisement. If your blog
traffic increased, Banner Advertiser have to pay more and more. In
this sector you have to choice how much will you take for Banner
Advertisement. Normally banner size is 250 by 250 pixel for Blog. And
for this Banner you can earn $50 or more per month. It's not bad earn.
And if Blog traffic is more than normal, you may charge more.

But there was a problem. For Direct Advertisement, you have to find
out Advertiser. Then have to sent a proposal with discuss that why
your Blog is better for Advertisement. If you sent a proposal to many
company, may be few of them will agree to place ads on your Blog. It's
really hard to find out Advertiser. But if your Blog traffic is high
then you can place a link with title "Advertise Here". So if any
Advertiser want to place ads, can contact with you.

3) Featured Blog Post: Another method for Blogger to earn money is
Featured Blog Post. An Advertiser will pay to post an article with
about their products or services. By this way they can do a good
promotion for there products or services. Also they can get a
DoFollow link back that will help them to ranking on Google or many
other Search Engine. So for this post Advertiser will pay a good
amount. And both have benefit.

If you don't understand this then there was an example. If you write a
Blog about watch. Then a watch manufacturer can say to refer them to
any post. Or then can say to write about why this watch is best and
whats the benefit in this watch. And for this post they will pay you.
Normally for a featured post you can earn $25 or more. Sometimes there
may be having Banner ads with the featured post.
For featured post, you have to find Advertiser as like Direct
Advertisement. You have to write to Advertiser a proposal with
description why featured post is good for them and how they will be
benefit from it.

4) Backlinks Sales: Backlinks is very important for good ranking on
Search Engine. Also for page rank (by Google) it's so important. If a
site post a link on any page to any site, for 2nd site it's a backlink
or incoming link. And for 1st site it's outgoing link. So if anyone
click on this link he will redirected to 2nd site. So if a site have
many backlinks, have chance to get more traffic. Also search engine
crawler robots can find that site easily. If search engine find a lot
backlinks, they will rank that site on top. Thats why most publisher
want more backlinks. And they go to Blogger for backlinks.

If your Blog is popular, you can start earning by making backlinks.
Normally for backlinks publisher pay $10 to $25. So to earn money
through making backlinks, you have to prove yourself as a quality
writer. And you have to sent proposal to Advertiser with the
description that why backlinks are important. Also for new site why
it's so important.

5) Affiliate Marketing: For Blogger most favorite way to earn money is
Affiliate Marketing. Most revenue for internet come through Affiliate
Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission
by promoting other people company's products or services. If you refer
anyone to buy a products or services, publisher will pay you a
commission. Now many company selling their products or services by

For Affiliation, you have to choice best products or services for
sell. Because for sell reputation is most important that you can find
by money.

You can use tools to research and find out best products. Choice
products that have most selling chance is best. It's can help you earn
more and it's risk free. Affiliate Marketing

6) E-Book Sales: If you are a quality writer and can write quality
E-Books, you can earn good by selling them. It's a good idea for
quality writer who can write E-Book on various topics. You can asked
low price for best sell. But to sell E-Book, you must have paypal
account. Because it's most trusted payment method and most used to
shopping online

If you can write few quality E-books, Post there selling ads on your blog. Also on . So you have chance to sell few E-books and Earn Money.

* There was a few other company like Google Adsense. If Google Adsense
doesn't approved your application, you can try them. Here was 2
company > and . But Google Adsense is
better then those. And Google Adsense pay high payment then those

* For better income opportunity use own domain. And you can use self
hosted Website/Blog. Self hosted Website/Blog means you have to pay
for a virtual space where your Website/Blog will be hosted. And you
have to pay them monthly or yearly for the space. Or you can use where you can add domain and Blogger have many income

* Always try to stay at a specific topic. You can either reduce the
chance of your income. Also it's reduce Search Engine ranking . . . .
. . 

13 January, 2014

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by
promoting other people's (or company's) products.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Suppose you have fever for two days. So you went to the doctor.
Shortly you will have to do some tests to see doctors said. And he
said to go to the XYZ Diagnostic center for all the test. But why the
doctor said to go to XYZ Diagnostic center? He could tell the name of
any other diagnostic centers. Because there was a contract between
doctor's and Diagnostic center. A portion of the proceeds from each
customer will sent to the doctor's.
These patients were referred by the doctors and he earned some money.
Its the Affiliate Marketing.

Promoting other companies products or services to help to sold is the
Affiliate Marketing. You will receive a fixed rate of commission on
each sale. There are many way to arranging the sale of products
through the Internet and the most effective is Affiliate Marketing.
You can earn from the Internet using the Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing have 3 Party:
1) Manufacturer of the product or service
2) Network
3) Affiliate Marketer

(Some times there was no 2nd parties)

1) Manufacturer of the product or service : Given the rapid spread of
products on internet they use Affiliate Marketing. XYZ diagnostic
center of the example above are the Manufacturer. Means thats the
first party.

There was few reasons that Manufacturer want to use Affiliate
Marketing to sell products.

* Reduce the cost of Marketing of products or services.
* To increase the product or service branding.
* Quick product promotions to increase sales worldwide.
* To sell more products or services.

2) Network: Network is intermediary institutions. It connects between
the product producer and marketer with the guarantee of product sales
and getting the money. Affiliate network listed world's various
expensive organization products or services. Marketar can choice
products or services they would like to promote and sell. Network
always decide which products sell have how much commissions. In
network marketer and producers organization have separate account with
the detailed reports and transaction data. In addition, network
provide security of producers and publishers. If publishers sell any
product of manufacturer, the manufacturer is liable to pay the
commission. Also have to see that the manufacturer product or service
publishers sell with the rules. And network control and check all to
safe publishers and manufacturer. For this purpose network take fixed
Commission from both parties.

3) Affiliate Marketer: Those who promotions products or services to
increase sales are Affiliate Marketer. And a certain amount of money
they earn by this way. It's very easy to earn by promote products. The
first is to select the product for sale. Then have to create account
on the Affiliate Network to sale of such products. Affiliate network
will scrutiny marketers request. If allowed to promote products you
will get e secret link for marketing. By this link you have to promote
the products. Using this link if people buy the product, a specific
part of the commission will be given to the marketer. In network if
certain amount of money deposited, it can be withdrawn.

How To Promote Products: To promote products or services need resort
few way. Most marketers use blogging or email marketing to promote
products or services. So now may be you have questions what is
blogging or email marketing.

Blogging: Blogging is regularly write on any topic on your or others
blog. Blogs like a everyday diary. You have to write about the
products you want to sale. And write it in such a way that the reader
is drawn to buy the product. Click on the link in the middle of
writing that allows reader the proceeds to purchase the product and
help you to earn some money. Also sometimes there was banner on the
side of blog can also makes many people eager to buy the products.

However, if you only write blog that not means that many people will
read it. After writing to the blog need blog's promotion. For that you
have to know Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also have to know
Social Media Marketing.

Email Marketing: The e-mail marketing is a campaign to produce the
desired products to e-mail recipient. Where have link of the products
in e-mail. So customers can purchase products.

What You Can Get From Affiliate Marketing: Earning money through
internet, Affiliate Marketing is multi-billion dollar market.
Affiliate Marketing's needs are constantly increasing. Many of them
earn thousands of dollars a year in revenue.

What You Have To Know: Affiliate Marketing is a very easy thing. If
you know better English than 3 to 4 months just trying to be efficient

The Things You Have To Know To Learn Affiliate Marketing:
* Ability to write lucid English.
* Know how to write and maintain blogs.
* Know Search Engine Optimization for promotion or marketing of the blog.
* Know Social Media Marketing to promote and get more visitor.
* Also have to know E-mail Marketing to increase sell.

How To Learn: You have to study a lot to learn Affiliate Marketing. If
you search on the internet you will find many articles and Writer's
books. Read them. Browse youtube and find video about Affiliate
Marketing. Watch them. Also you can learn first hand from the best

After all you can do Affiliate Marketing to earn money. Also it's
better then job because it's need more less time to earn more money
then job. And you can earn from home. Just you need computer with
internet connection and have to give some time . . . . . . .

11 January, 2014

A Short Guide To Setup Your Freelance Team

Ever you thought when a freelancerer make a team? And why?

If you want to make a team to take your freelancing performance one
step ahead then at first you have to know why you need team. Then have
take plan for team and team activity.

In career time when a freelancerer doing more best and to do more best
sometimes need team. Also for many reasons need team.

Some Reasons To Make Team:

* Have a lot project and not possible to do your own.
* More and More Projects.
* Passive Income
* Social Recognition
* A big team can show higher result, higher performance and high
quality projects result.
* A team can complete big task shortly.
* A team can show best result.

Remember "Together You Can Build Your Dream"

And for Team Member Note:

* Leverage your network to find great talent.
* Every members target must be same.
* Every member must have believe inside.
* Need Attitude to help each other.
* Issues about manager must be solved. Means need trust able manager
who know what to do and how to do. How manage team.
* All member must be good enough on Communication.
* Job must have the correct Combination.
* Members will be obvious role.
* Will make the right decisions all the time.
* All team members have to finish there task on time.
* All team members have to know the value of time.

These subjects may have little discrepancy. Performance and experience
can be utilized to overcome it wins . . . . . . . .

10 January, 2014

Best Free Blog Directories

To increase your search ranking and get some visitors to your blog,
Blog Directories can help you a lot. So try to submit your blog on
some Blog Directories. Many Directories are free. Some paid.

Here are some best Blog Directories.