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Why AdSense Optimization Are Important

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

What is AdSense?

At its core, AdSense is basically an add that can be clicked, located on a website. When a person clicks on an ad that is being displayed on your website, you get a commission. Advertisers are always looking for maximum visibility for their products. Once you, the website owner gets accepted by Google AdSense, you will be able to display ads through AdSense and take advantage of huge income potential. There will be a qualification process to get accepted by AdSense.


What is AdSense Optimization?

AdSense Optimization is the process of making a website suitable to use AdSense. This is how advertisers can take advantage of the advertising potential of the website. AdSense Optimization is done usually by webmasters. However, there is a step by step process to do it. The following are a few examples.

• Have good content on the website. The idea here is to get people to want to visit the site and come back for more. This keeps traffic towards the site moving at a steady pace.

• The ads themselves need to be strategically inserted. After all, if people don’t see them, they won’t click on them. It has to look appealing, but not too obvious. The trick is to make it intriguing enough without appearing too garish or obnoxious.

• The best performing ads should always load before the others. The priority of loading can be adjusted in HTML.

• Last but not least, the word needs to get out there for people to visit the website in the first place. This when using social media can be very helpful.


Colors & Size

Choosing the right color for the ad themes is very important. Doing this correctly is an art in itself. Even small differences in color choice can make a difference. In fact, there have been cases where the same add was modified with slightly different colors and the result was almost instantaneous. The shape and size also seem to make a difference. Generally, ads that are wider as opposed to taller, tend to do better. Overall, size wise, too big or too small are both bad.

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