PeoplePerHour Success Guide

PeoplePerHour Success Guide

by RitikaGupta

PeoplePerHour Success Guide

PeoplePerHour is an online platform that gives people an opportunity to succeed independently. This online freelancing site was basically designed with a mission to provide some genuine work environment to the clients and to the freelancers. Coming on to our Success Guide of PeoplePerHour, we have some useful tips to get success on this platform.


Post Samples Of Your Work

Well, this is one of the best success tips to get more clients and hence more work on PeoplePerHour. Before starting your career in any freelancing platform, write some attractive articles, blogs, press releases by finding your niche and post it on social media sites like Facebook Twitter. Ask your friends to go through the content and put their comments. Now share this page with the client to show them your work. If you haven’t done it yet, you can start it from today because no day is the last day of your life and you can start new work anytime.


Mention Your Rates

Initially, mention your rates as low as you can. This is because, when you don’t have any experience, you work to get a good rating from the client so you may work for a very low rate or may be for free as well. Don’t compromise on the quality of work and try to give your 100% while writing content on any subject matter?


Create An Attractive Proposal

Do you know, on PeoplePerHour, a single client may receive 20-30 proposals at the same time? Do you think him or her really has the time to go through all of them? Obviously not!!!

So what should you do? You must create an outstanding proposal that can catch the clients’ attention instantly. While posting your bid, make sure you don’t post generic content as it may have some grammatical or proofreading errors. Try to create your proposal in context with the job posted by the client. Create a short cover letter that contains your skills and proficiencies that are required for the job and let your proposal win the client’s attention.


If You Are a Contractor And Working As a Team, Beware Of Your Team Mates.

While taking up any new project, make sure your team mates are ready to work and complete the work on time. Otherwise delayed work will impact your reputation and affect you in long-run. You must be a wonderful writer but you have taken up the job in bulk so it is your duty to complete the entire lot on time.


Keep Searching For New Projects And Place Your Bids Asap.

When you find any project that matches up to your skills and proficiencies, place your bid immediately. Millions of freelancers are hunting for new jobs everyday so you have to beat them and win the proposal. Makes sure you are active all the time to win a proposal.


Wrapping Up

Try to close your job as quickly as possible and take up new jobs to create a positive work history. Your history is visible to the client so it should look appealing.

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