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How To Promote Facebook Page Through To Get Fans

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Be socialized to promote Facebook page to get fans
Social media advertising is gaining its popularity day-by-day. One of the most famous examples which can be seen these days is Facebook.  This social media platform is backed by five owners. However, the main operations are handled by Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. As per the statistics the revenue generated by social media website is approximately around $5.1 billion in 2012 and have followers like 9262473 numbers of people.
Looking at its growth the companies who are spending enormous amounts on promotion or advertising find this as the best way to promote their products, brands and services. The story is not as simple as it seems to be. A big question that comes in front of the management of these companies is How to promote facebook page to get fans. This implies to the process of attracting the visitors to the fan page designed for promoting the brand or company.
Most of the companies follow impulsive strategies to get this thing done. The foremost thing that comes into notice of the visitor is the content written on the fan page. In the lieu of which, the most common strategy followed by the companies is to hire the content writer. This content writer is responsible for writing some catchy lines and frame the advertisement in such a way that the visitor becomes impulsive to like the page. This is only one part of the story. There is a long chain present behind the idea on how to promote facebook page to get fans, some of them are as follows:
·         Prime job: the first and former duty of any company who wants to get his page promoted is the “creation of fan page”. This fan page is the first thing that is noticed by the visitor. Good content and informational things can easily grasp the attention of the visitor which may promote the chances of getting the page liked by the visitor.
·         Click page: once the strategies are constructed, then the next things that can be done by the companies are making the fan page attractive and highly professional. Studies carried on by the researchers claimed that content can put a deeper impact on the person’s thinking. The content should not hurt anyone’s sentiments, feelings and culture. As this can dampen the reputation of the company.
·         Flash content: it is not only the content that can attract or motivate the fans to like the page but also the pictures.
·         Encourage the visitors: a link can be made present at various places that can divert the visitor directly to the fan page. This page should exclusively build keeping in mind the fans requirements.
·         Help from Facebook: the media platform Facebook can it help you to attract the visitors on to the fan page. This process involves indulging yourself in the Facebook advertisements that further helps in providing the link to the fan. This link will direct the visitor to the fan page. Once a visitor gets on the fan page there are more chances that he may end up liking the page.
·         Visible “like” tab: another strategy that answers the curiosity of the companies on how to like a facebook page is to make the fan page easy and user friendly is to make the tab “like” visible and traceable. Complex pages are not the user’s choice and they don’t prefer to stay on such pages for a longer time which thereby forces them to leave the page in no time. Even if the visitor is interested in a fan page, the complexity will twist his idea. Visitor will never apply his brains in searching how to like a facebook page is to make the fan, even if he is interested in becoming a fan.
·         Fantastically designed event: the designer or the writer must be efficiently involved in the process of designing and event. Such regular events can help in attracting the traffic towards the fan page. Positive reinforcement can also be used along with an event which can provoke the desired behavior.
·         Take away the owners reputation: it has been observed that even the fan following of the owners can force the visitors to like the fan page for company. People may not be following company or brand but May are very much touched or influenced by the owner’s history. Pictures of the owner, an event attended by the owner can attract the visitors.
·         Makes the link present at most of the places: links that can direct the visitor directly to the fan page can be made visible at different places like under any advertisement, other famous web pages etc. Almost all the companies now offer webpage. Facebook page can also be promoted by making the links visible at the company’s website. This webpage acts as a powerful tool. Once the visitor logs on to this page, links should be provided to him that can direct him to the fan page. This strategy uses psychological factor behind the visitors mind who log onto the company’s website.
·         Lifetime story: a lifetime and motivational stories present on the website can be another factor that can answer the question of how to promote facebook page to get fans raised by the companies. Such stories can help in attracting the mindset of the visitors. The visitors often like the fan page just by looking at such content. This content can be really helpful if designed properly as people often correlate the stories to their lives.
·         Hiring an SEO: search engine optimization can be defined as the process of making the website visible to the audience. Such officers and programmers can easily attract the traffic to the fan page by the cunning use of keywords.
No matter what the strategies are or who is making. The basic thing that is to be kept in mind is following them at regular intervals. So that the company can the benefits of each and every strategy designed.

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