Get Your First Job on PeoplePerHour

How To Get Your First Job On PeoplePerHour

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

How To Get Your First Job On PeoplePerHour

Welcome to PeoplePerHour. Now that you have signed into this online platform, the money won’t come easily to you. You have to work hard initially to get your first job. The initial few months at this freelancing site may be tough but once you are able to grab the client, you are likely to get success.

The first and the most important thing at PeoplePerHour, PPH is getting your first job. Now how do you get it?


Work On Your Profile And Portfolio

The first page that will appear before you is your profile page. Once you join in PeoplePerHour, complete your profile page to 100%. Mention your professional skills, your expertise and areas of interest. Do not over stuff your profile page with skills that you aren’t good at. Upload your professional-looking like the image to win the clients’ confidence at the first instance. After your profile page, upload your portfolio by giving evidences that are best fit for freelancing jobs.


Look For The Job

After your profile and portfolio is uploaded, start looking for jobs. You can use search option to find the job area like article, content, academic writing, or whatsoever. Do some research on finding the right client as well? There are many clients who do not pay for your hard work. You must stay away from such clients. If your first experience with the client is bad, you may not be able to trust other clients so make sure you choose your client after going through the ratings and feedback on the clients profile page.


Submit Your Proposal

Once you are assured of the client’s reputation in the online marketplace, you are ready to apply for the job. Create your client-winning proposal. Every client receives 10-20-30 proposals each day for a job. He or she may not have enough time to go through all of these proposals so you need to come up with a client-winning proposal that can win the heart of your client. Customize your proposal as per the job posted by the client. Do not post generic proposal as it is just like posting your generic resume that no one will see. Create an appealing cover letter that is in context with the job. You can attach some of the previous samples of your work. Since it is your first job at PeoplePerHour, you can write some content and share it on Social media sites. Ask your friends to give comments and share the content and the comments with the client.


Set Marginal Price

Your price bid shouldn’t be too low and too high. It should be marginal enough to convince the client that you really care for the job.


Wrapping Up

Getting your first job isn’t that complicated task but you need to actively work on PeoplePerHour to establish your freelancing career through this platform. Make sure you take care of points 1-4 while submitting your bid for the first time. In case, you don’t get your first job, don’t get disheartened there is always the next time.


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