Get Your First Job On

How To Get Your First Job On

by RitikaGupta

How To Get Your First Job On

Freelancing is one of the best ways for the companies and for the freelancers to get the job done in the simplest way. Freelancers can work from home and earn a significant amount of income. Companies won’t have to pay any additional salary to the freelancers.

As a fresher, if you have really struggled hard but failed to find your first job, we are here with some of the useful tips to get your first job on


  • The foremost important step to getting your first job at is to set your profile page to 100%. Make sure your profile page is completely filled and it highlights your skills and expertise to the client in a very attractive way. You must showcase your skills as your strength so that client can’t get his or her eyes off it.


  • Now once you are done with your profile page, you are ready to apply for the job. Go through each and every job post that matches your proficiencies and try to find the best job for you. There are some fraud clients who take work from the freelancers and fail to pay after the submission of work. You need to protect yourself from such a kind of fraud. Look for jobs and clients that have a verified payment history. Do not ever bid for clients with unverified history as you are likely to get fraud clients through this route.


  • Now its time to check the feedback of the client that other writers have given so far. You can check your clients’ profile page and see his or her rating given by the freelancers. This is one of the best ways to check how efficient and trustworthy your client is. Most of the client also uses the same criteria to test your job history.


  • If you are new to the freelancing, you may not have work history so you will have to make certain compromises like bid on a low-price, work within a very short deadline, or anything like that.


  • Once you have finalized the job, place your bid by writing an impressive cover letter. Include your rates for the project to have transparency from the beginning. Make sure you start with the initials of the client to create your cover page, the most professional one. While ending, do not forget to say a thank you to the client.


The initial struggle period at is a tough one but once you are able to get good ratings from the clients, the things start becoming easier for you. You just have to make sure you get your first client genuine else, you will end up writing your content for a bad sheep.


Wrapping Up

Above are some useful tips to get your first job on Freelancing is a virtual business. Everything happens virtually. You work for a client, you never see in your lifetime. So, make sure you go through all of these tips before you start working on your first or any new client.

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