Get More Jobs On PeoplePerHour

How To Get More Jobs On PeoplePerHour

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

How To Get More Jobs On PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is one of the reputed freelancing sites that most of the freelancers are using to earn money. Its registration process is easy. You just need to create your profile, upload your portfolio and you are ready to submit your first proposal.

Once you have got your first job, you might start thinking, how do people earn money through this PeoplePerHour site on a regular basis? Well, the answer is simple. Most of the people actively work and hunt for new jobs to earn more and better. Your might have done your fist job for free or at a very low rate but from now, keeping your working standards high, you have to look for more jobs.


Now the question is How To Get More Jobs On PeoplePerHour?


The First And The Most Important Thing That Most Of The Beginners Ignore Is The Importance Of Feedback

Getting feedback from a client is very important in order to establish a positive reputation in this online marketplace. Most of the freelancers get excited after their first job and fail to get the feedback from the client.

When we order any product online, how do we know about the quality of that product? By checking reviews that the users have given so far. Just like this, getting feedback is important to let other client know about your skills and expertise. If your feedback is zero, clients may hesitate to hire you.


Update Your Profile Page

Your profile page is the other thing that the client will see to know about your skills. You must create an outstanding profile page containing your skills and proficiencies so that a client can hire you without giving a second thought.


Do Not Forget To Attach Some Of The Previous Samples Of Your Work

When you submit your proposal, do not forget to attach the samples of your previous work. You may not like this idea of showing any client’s work to a new client. But this is really important to grab the attention. For example, if you’re a technical writer and the client ask you to submit your bid for some technical write—up, you can attach your previous sample of technical writing and give him or her an idea of your work. You must have seen big brands offering free samples of their products. This is just like that. If you don’t have any sample of your previous work, you can write a free content of 250 words for the client.


Answer The Questions That Your Client Asks In The Job Request

There are some clients who post some general questions along with the job request. Try to answer those questions using your intelligence. Do not copy and paste answer from other sources. Make sure your answers are original. You may leave a question at the end of your proposal to show your client that you care for the job. Your questions would be like”Is there anything; you want to know about me or my skills?

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