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Freelancing is one of the biggest platforms to earn money from secondary sources. If you are working with a corporate world and you want to increase your income, you can slowly start your freelancing job at

This is one of the biggest online sites that most of the freelancers are using to earn money. You can start earning from home itself. Working from home doesn’t mean you won’t be serious at your work but it simply means that you would be working in the similar fashion but your commutation time would be saved.

So, how can you prepare yourself to become a successful Freelancer at

The first and the most important thing that every Freelancer should take care of is to get in touch with the people who are directly or indirectly connected to you. The main reason for contacting people is to share your work with them. This would help you to learn something new from their experiences. Once you disclose your freelancing business to your contacts, you are likely to get more exposure. The people connected to you may refer your name to the client hunting for freelancers. Building a strong network of people is important. Even if you haven’t started it yet, you can start doing so from now onwards.


How To Place Your Bid For a Project?

To get successful results, make sure you read the project carefully. Go through each and every detail of the project. Check job profile, deadline, and the price asked by the client. If you are able to manage the work within the conditions given by the client, then only bid for the project. If you find that the project topic is out of your context and you won’t be able to handle it, better stay away from such projects. Accept any project only when you are well-versed with it.


Video: How To Place Bid On Fixed Rate Job


How To Secure Your Payment?

Freelancer Milestone payment is one of the safest and secured methods of sending and receiving payment. Some freelancers accept direct payment in order to save transaction charges but such a kind of payment method is risky.


Don’t forget to get the feedback and rating from the client. Once you have completed the project, you will submit it to the client. After submission, the client will make the payments and give feedback along with the rating of your work. Some freelancers forget to take the feedback but this is quite a bad habit. Feedback and rating from client helps new client in judging your work. Your rating is clearly displayed below your profile picture so you must work harder to get a good rating from the client.


Wrapping Up is one of the best and secured online sites of freelancers. If you are looking for some reliable online source to earn money then should be your only destination. Many freelancing startups have done quite well on this platform and earned a significant amount of money as well. If everything goes successfully, this site can help you to earn even more than your corporate world.

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