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Whether you are a part-time or full-time freelancer, it is very difficult to convince a client that why you are best fit for the job? The best way to convince new client is to propose a captivating bid that can impress your client and attract him to accept your proposal for the job. If you are able to master the technique to submit your proposal then almost 50% of your freelancing job is done. The main thing in freelancing business is to get local and international clients. If your proposal has strength and capabilities to grab the client, then you are half-way to earning a good income.


Let Us Now Look At Some Tips To Create An Outstanding Proposal For Your Client:

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1. Create a Compelling Cover Letter.

Your client sees your cover letter first so this is your first and the last chance to impress your client. You have to stand out in the crowd and create a cover letter that can showcase your skills and impress your client instantly. Make sure you give samples of your work that relate to the job posted by the client. You can start your introduction with attractive liners like “Top 5 techniques to take your project to successful heights”. These tricks will help you to grab the clients’ attention immediately. Lots of freelancers are available today so to show your uniqueness, you must think differently.


2. Mention Your Niche.

Getting a job on is just like selling your niche. You have to highlight your area of interest, your passion for work, and why the client should hire you for this job? For example, if you are into a digital marketing business, you must express your skills and attach some of your previous works as a sample. Do not forget to proof-read everything before you send to the client. You need to make sure that every document that you send to the client is 100% perfect.


3. Answer Questions That a Client Ask.

Some clients are very serious about hiring freelancers. They ask some general questions to pick the best out of you. You have to put your best and answer these questions smartly. Make sure you answer honestly but smartly so that your answer doesn’t look copied. The main reason behind answering these questions to test your intelligence.


4. Include Your Best Samples Of Work To Place Your Bid.

Whether a client has asked or not, include relevant samples so that it is easier for the client to judge your skills. All of your samples should be 100% correct and free from any kind of errors. Most of the clients are interested in seeing your previous work so if they haven’t asked for it and you give it in advance; it creates a positive impression of you.


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Wrapping Up

Above are some of the simple yet effective tricks to creating a client winning proposal. Hopefully, you found this proposal information useful and consider it while submitting your next proposal at

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