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Writing E-book for Sell

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Becoming a writer and to be able to express one thoughts in a way to enlighten the people- the job could never get better. Some of the people choose this path and become brilliant writer, writing for various niches and causes. Writers do not have a specific thing to follow except for their passion, their agenda; and this is what makes them different from others. EBook writers do not aim to make a fortune; instead, these are the only writers who follow their passion with complete devotion. Before we move to what eBook writers do, let us first understand what an eBook is and how is it different from a paperback book.


EBook comes as a shorter name for electronic book. That’s right; it is an electronic version of the book that we normally get to read. An eBook is made using different programs such as MS Word. After it is completely finalized, it is converted into other formats in which it cannot be altered, e.g. PDF format. This eBook can then be read or distributed to be read by the general public. We all do know that after the introduction of devices like Kindle and mobile tablets, more and more people are gradually shifting their attention towards buying and reading from eBook. This is because an eBook is very easy to handle. First of all, you do not have to carry extra weight of the book as the eBook weighs- nothing. Next, you do not have to turn over the pages in an eBook as you swipe your finger or click the ‘next’ button and there it is- it turns to the next page itself. And the best part is, you do not have to take care of the book and maintain it so that it could be read even after some years. You could simply store it and read it whenever you would want!


Thus, eBooks are doing more rounds than the normal paperback books. This is also the reason why most of the writers are shifting to writing eBook for sell purpose. If a writer is writing an eBook, he could either sell it by his own name on sites like Amazon and earn the profit from each download or buy. Otherwise, writers can also complete their eBook and sell it to an e-publishing house that adds graphic designing to the eBook. It pays the writer an amount to buy the rights of distribution. The amount is less than that obtained from profits of a self-owned selling eBook but this practice is more common nowadays.


Writing eBook for sell is not an easy task. It requires expertise of the field and the writer needs to put in more efforts than normal articles and blog content. The writer also needs to make sure that during the reading, readers are kept engaged and enticed in the content because after all, that is the key to success in eBooks. Any writer who can produce engaging eBooks should consider writing eBook for sell to earn good amount of money.

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