WordPress SEO Hacks

WordPress SEO Hacks To Generate Business

by RitikaGupta

If you really want to know How to generate business with the help of WordPress, you need to focus on some of the popular WordPress SEO hacks that would definitely help you get more web traffic and business as well. Here we go…


WordPress SEO Hacks


1. Adding Tags

You can add Tags to your WordPress site and give it a chance to take lead over many other websites that are still lagging behind you. Make sure you do thorough research and find unique tags so that it can grab the market automatically.


2. Adding Internal Linkages

You can add links to other blogs like “5 tips to a healthy diet” is your web content. Here you can allow other blog owners to include their links of “physical exercise, a must for healthy body”, “Fitness Tips”, etc.


3. Be Regular On Posting New Content

The internet world is full of competitors’ and people like you. Google has become serious about considering fresh content first so if you want to generate business, you need to regularly post some new content.


4. Blog Commenting

Put your comments on blogs that other people share so that you can target their market. Link their website visitors back to your site. This is one of the important features of Google and we call it back linking. Any website with more backlinks is rated higher than other websites.


5. Blocking Spam Commenting

Spam comments are counted as a part of your web content so when Google checks your website, it considers spam comments as well and gives lower rating to your website. You can protect your website by blocking spam comments that affect your website reputation.


6. Installation Of SEO Plugin

Installing SEO plug-ins will help you to enter keywords and their meta-description well. You can look for WordPress SEO packs by Yoast. Well, if you are a professional designer, then installing plug-ins is quite an easy task for you.


7. Regularity

Regularity is the key to success. You can regularly post your content and update it from time to time.


8. Selecting Keywords

SEO is the king of the search engine world. You need to optimize your keyword search and make sure that the keywords that you are using in your WordPress content are fresh, genuine, and meaningful enough to generate business.


9. Submit Your Website Yourself

There are a lot of service providers who charge very nominal fee and submit your website on your behalf. These service providers may cheat you and end up wasting your time and money. It is better to submit your website to search engines manually only.


10. Social Media

Call up social media services to bring business through your WordPress site. This can be done by promoting your content on social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Wrapping Up

Above are 10 simple to complex ways to generate business with the help of WordPress.  Hopefully, you will consider these WordPress SEO hacks and implement them while expanding your business in a unique way.

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