What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

What Is SEO: SEO is a short form of “Search Engine Optimization”. By Search Engine Optimization you can submit your site on Search Engine to reach more people for free. As an example if you Search on Google, Yahoo or any other Search Engine for something like “Online News Paper” you will see a lot online newspaper website are shown on result page.

Now the question is how Search Engine finds those website links?

Does Search Engine selecting this link their own? Or someone requested to add?

Both are right. First someone submitted their site to Search Engine. Then Search Engine added those sites and showing on result page. Now from submitting a site to showing results, everything is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All sites listed on Search Engines are shown as a result. But only perfectly Optimized websites are shown on the first page. And websites that listed on the first page get more traffic. Search Engine select result listing rank of needed, importance, quality etc. And a good SEO makes a website qualified for first page ranking.

Why Search Engine Optimization is important: Why Search Engine Optimization are important? Why need it to do? The answer is more visitor means more traffic. Without visitor, website have no value. And for more traffic, SEO is one of the most important part. Few points are-

1) By SEO, website will reach to more and more people.

2) Make a website popular.

3) Increase website visitor/traffic.

4) To earn more money from the website using different platforms.

5) It makes harder position to stay in the competition.

Benefit of Search Engine Optimization: Is not possible to say all benefits of SEO. To get more traffic on website SEO is the most important part. At this time no one has enough time to remember your site. Also no time to note it and find later. Search Engine are more faster to find anything. By Search Engine anyone can find out something that need. And more faster.

Also to spread new product or software or something else to people, you must need SEO. By spreading your site to more user you can get more sell. More clicks on ads. So it increases overall earnings.


What’s Needed To Learn SEO: To learn Search Engine Optimization, you have to learn few basic things. That’s are –

1) Knowledge about website

2) Knowledge about backlinks

3) Knowledge about page rank

4) Keywords Research

5) Usage of meta tags

6) Good Knowledge about Search Engine Optimization

7) Knowledge about Onpage and Offpage Optimization

What You Should Do For SEO: So now you know about SEO. Now what you have to do for your website SEO? You can do two things.

1) Do SEO yourself.

2) Hire someone or company to do SEO.

Do SEO yourself: To do SEO your own, you must have good knowledge about it. Because a mistake can down your website ranking and also it’s can affect your website popularity. You can take a course of SEO to learn. It’s not hard to learn it. Also it’s save your money.

Hire someone or company to do SEO: If you don’t have enough time or don’t know SEO, you can hire someone/company to do this. But choice someone/companies who will care your website. As i said before that bad SEO can damage your website ranking, you have to care about it . . . . . . .

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