What Is SEO And Why Need SEO

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is the new hot term in town which everybody has been using for quite some time now. Web Site SEO, On Page SEO, White Hat SEO or Local SEO– even you too might have heard of it but do you really know what the term SEO means or are you just trying to adjust with the flow of SEO?


Understanding SEO

People believe that SEO is a technique that can be used to get higher search engine rankings, but this happens to be worse than a myth. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in which the search engine is manipulated with a set of techniques so that it displays a target website much higher in its search results.

Thus, SEO is a set of techniques and procedures that is used by webmasters and developers in order to increase the indexing ranks so that their page gets displayed in the first few search results of the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The Search Engine Optimization is done in accordance with the search engine algorithm of the different engines. There are various factors that are considered in search engine algorithm indexing which we are going to look at before understanding the need of SEO.


SEO in Google primarily has been based on the keyword and backlinks. Let us understand what both these terms mean. The keywords are the ‘search terms’ that you might want to enter in the search box and get the results. The backlinks are the links on various websites that lead you to another website. If the keywords are present in the appropriate places and density along with enough backlinks to support the website, the search engine rank of the website is automatically increased by the indexers and crawlers of the search engine.


The SEO has been divided into two parts based on the legality of the procedures. White Hat SEO is the legal and legitimate part of the SEO in which proper procedures are used to permanently increase the search engine rankings. It takes efforts as well as time to do White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is the illegitimate and illegal part of SEO in which odd procedures are used in order to raise the search engine rankings. This might get the ranks up temporarily but soon, the effects wear off.


The Need of SEO

What is SEO and Why need SEO is one of the most common question that people face today. Now that we have seen what exactly is SEO, let us move to why we need SEO. As a marketer and business promoter, you would like your company to get more attention from the consumers and increase the customer base. This is where SEO helps. In a search engine when the results are displayed, if your name and the name of the business you represent happens to be in the top few results, people are more likely to visit your website and contact you for your services. This way, SEO helps in marketing yourself to the people.

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