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Unclickable Desktop Icons

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
There was many icons in desktop like My Computer , Internet Explorer , Recycle Bin etc and anyone can click on that and enter . But do you want make thats unclickable ? So no one can enter on that programs !How: It’s so easy . Just press ” PrtScn ” button on keyboard . Remember when you pressing that , you desktop have no programs opened . All window must be closed .
Now go on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint . After paint opened Press Ctrl + V . Now you will see an image of your desktop . Now click on File > Save As and save it as .jpeg format . Now open that image and save that as background wallpaper .
After make that as wallpaper , right click on desktop , go on Arrange icons and unmarked “Show Desktop Icon” .

Now try to enter in My Computer or others program from Desktop .

How to undo: Just mark again “Show Desktop Icon” and change wallpaper .
In some keyboard , PrtScn also known as – Prt Scr , Print Scrn , Prt Scn , Prt Sc , Prt Scrn , Prnt Scrn etc . This button can be found on near Delete button .
Enjoy . . . . . . .

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