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Tips To Get The Right Freelancer

by RitikaGupta

Being an entrepreneur, you need to accept it that even though you have the best team in the entire world at times, the workload gets way too much for them as well. During times like these, it’s best to outsource your work to freelancers. With practical costs, one can get the best out the hired help if given the right guidelines. I am sure you must have heard extreme horror stories of how freelancers ended up messing the assignments and making it worse. But don’t you worry we give you five tips which will ensure that your work is being handled well.


Get The Right Freelancer


Focus On Requirements

First of all, you need to be very clear and accurate about your requirements. What do you expect out of the freelancer? You have to be very specific and particular about your needs. Do not expect him to do multiple jobs for you. Let him stick to what he knows the best. So, you can get the best outcome.


Clear Communication

From the beginning be very transparent and clear with the freelancer. Discuss your requirement and deadlines with him.  Negotiate the price before working on the project. Make sure he’s aware that this is not a full-time job opportunity. Ensure that all communication between the two is documented between the two of you via mail. Also, once the work is complete make sure to end the association in the most cordial way possible.



Before finalizing the freelancer makes sure you go through the sample work he sends you. This is the most important part of choosing the freelancer. Analyze the work and judge if it matches up to your expectations. The sample work shows the quality of the work and the capability of the freelancer. Make sure that you completely approve and like the work before hiring the freelancer.



Even though a freelancer is a hired help and not your employer. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to give your feedback immediately. If the work sent back is below the expectations or lacks your requirement then, do voice your concerns. If you are paying, make sure to get your money’s worth. But during this process ensure that you are not rude or disrespectful. The aim is to get the best outcome, and you need to guide him to attain the goal.


Regular Freelancer

If you feel that a freelancer is understanding the work and performing well. Then you can make him a regular. Increase his pay and keep outsourcing him work. But make sure you have regular work to give him. Otherwise, they might devote their time elsewhere. Be very cautious before taking this step and make sure the freelancer is someone you can trust.


A freelancer works for you but to get the best out of him is your job. Outsourcing work only gives quicker results but also gets a quality work done. Another essential point always checks the work sent to you before forwarding it ahead to your clients. After all, at the end of the day, it’s your business, and you’re the boss!!

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