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by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
Freelancer is a marketplace of a dream. Those who don’t know anything
about this, it is to tell them that marketplaces are places for
freelancers where they can get their jobs and money. In short it is
the meeting place between the buyers and the freelancers. is one of the most famous market places in this
freelancing arena. A few days ago it reached the seven million marks
in registration. That definitely proves how large this community is.
There are millions of jobs posted here everyday and billions of
freelancers apply for those jobs. All in all, it is a dream place for
people who want to earn by doing freelancing.If you are new at freelancer, you must know a lot of things before
your bidding. First of all, give attention to your profile. Is it
perfectly created? Freelancer will always show you in the dashboard
and in the profile section that how much is completed and how much is
left. You will have to pay attention on those. Always remember that
your first task is to complete your profile in hundred percent. Then
and only then you can think of others. When you are completing your
profile, you will have to do things such as certification, portfolio
etc. Do not leave these things blank. Try to make proper things for
these portions. Always remember that, when you are going to get a job,
your buyer will look at all these in ninety percent of cases. If one
of these is missing, he or she will have a negative effect on you
which will ruin everything.

After completing profile, it is the time for bidding. Here the most
important thing is to read the project description perfectly. Yes, it
is very important. In recent times, it is seen that freelancers who
have good reviews always do common bidding in all the jobs. It should
not be done. Do not follow them. Always bid after reading the project
perfectly. Remember one thing, if you are trying to cheat or hide
anything from your buyer, eventually you will fail in the long run.
So, always be honest and tell only what you can do. Be positive in the
bidding and in the private message board. There are lots of people who
do not think before they say. Sometimes they will say that they can do
fifty articles per day which is not possible if it is not a team. At
that time, the buyer will immediately have a negative effect on the
freelancer and eventually it is guaranteed that the freelancer will be
rejected. So, always think before you say.

Before bidding, one should make a proper study on the buyer. How and
who is the buyer, how is the profile of the buyer etc. Do not be happy
when you are getting a job. Look for the milestone. Yes, it is not
always needed if the buyer has good reviews but it is always better to
be safe. If it is the first project of the buyer then it is alright
but if it is not the first project and also if the rating is not good
or zero rating is there then one should avoid that buyer.


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