What Are The 10 Special Features To Look For In Joomla?

by RitikaGupta

Build, organize, manage and publish website contents, blogs, intranet and mobile applications through the world’s popular Software package. Yes, we are talking about Joomla! Its scalability has helped a lot of developers depend on this software package for building web applications.


Here Is Why Everyone Loves Joomla!

Multilingual Open Source CMS Platform

Yes, Joomla is the widely and most popularly used open source that supports more than 65 languages in the CMS platform. It allows web designers and developers to create multiple websites on different languages within the Joomla software.


One Click Update

Yes, keeping the software up to date is essential and Joomla comes with a one click update which is super easy for the users. It notifies you whenever an update is needed and helps to keep the website updated all time. You will also receive emails from Joomla with the latest news and updates.


Media Management

The media manager feature of Joomla allows you to upload and organize the media files and folder at ease. You are allowed to handle more types of files that are easily integrated into the Article Editor. It also allows you to access other media files that help you to enhance the content written.


Contact Management

Do you wish to have more contact components on your website? Joomla allows you to add contact information, categories, and different departments. It is also easy to set up the contact form and create a listing of the contacts through Joomla.


Content Management

Well, this is the most important feature of Joomla and it gives a lot of features that helps you to organize the content easily. The Joomla comes with a built-in WYSIWYG editor that allows you to make changes and edit the content without knowing the code. After creating the content, you are also given a lot of possibilities to design it on the frontend. Adding an image, adding pre-installed modules to display featured articles are also found on Joomla.


Banner Management

Do you wish to monetize your website? This simple tool allows you to have a banner on your website to display Ads. This tool also gives you an opportunity to create campaigns and add custom codes to track impressions and the number of clicks on the website.


Newsfeed Management

Do you wish to keep your visitors updated? The syndication and newsfeed management allows you to send updates to your audience. The RSS feeder collects posts and news from other websites and displays them on your site.


Menu Manager

Do you wish to have a structured menu that is completely independent on your website? Joomla allows you to create a menu hierarchy and add numerous menus in multiple places. You can choose rollovers, flyouts or any other navigation system as per your choice.


Searching Made Simple

Your website visitors can locate information easily and quickly with it’s built in search and smart search options. The users can simply type in the search bar to locate any information on your website.


Strong Support

Yes, there are Joomla enthusiast working across the globe and they can help you to build a new design and maintain the Joomla projects without any pain.

With its scalability and unique features Small and large scale industries, businesses, government, and many other organizations have their web presence enabled by Joomla.

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