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Some Tricks of Applying AdSense Ad Codes in WordPress

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Now-a-days, most websites are designed by WordPress CMS. Cause, WordPress can be customized and functioned in any way in any kind of designs. There are lots of plugins for different kind of activities those help to construct a complete web site. So, you can easily customize your website in your own choice. In order to use Google AdSense in WordPress, you have to keep in your mind that, WordPress is the best CMS for AdSense I have ever experienced.


In this post, I’ll discuss about, how to add advertisements in different kind of WordPress Designed Website. Only, I’ll avoid the issue of coding here. That means, in some of the places you have to apply the theme of the WordPress and you have to make it on your own. Such as, if there the theme header does not contain any space for ad and if you desire to append an advertisement in the theme header, you have to alter the code of that topic.


Theme Supported Ad Space: In most of the WordPress theme contains a defined place for advertisements. Such as, header Ad space, at the starting or at the conclusion of the post, at the sidebar etc. You can apply the codes in those spaces and show the ads of the AdSense through your theme settings. Moreover, some themes allow only the header ad codes. In that case, you can apply other ads with plugins.

You can see the option “Theme” in “Appearance” (Have a glance along the left-side menus after completing your log in). But sometimes it’s appeared as the top menu (In the left side). Then, you have to get it out first. Sometimes, you have to apply the codes from Widget option. You will get the data in the next tip.



Widget Area Ad Space: This selection is rather comfortable. First, login into your WordPress site. Look at the left side of the website and you will find the menu “Appearance”. Hold the mouse along it and you will find some options there. Click on the option “Widgets”. You will find one or more Widget area. It will depend on the theme of your site. But, there must be an area for the sidebar widget (It’s the theme contains sidebar). Apply the widget named “Text” (Arbitrary text or HTML) from the available widgets in the area of the sidebar. Then, copy the ad code and paste it into the blank space of the widget and save it. If required, you can reposition the Text Widget up and downwards. The ad will be shown where you will keep the widget. That means, if your website contains more than a widget and if the first one if for the top post and the second one is for the ad, the main website will show the ad right after the top post widget.

Widget Area

If the widget area have the area for the “Header Ad”, you will complete that task in the same way by pasting the test area. Only sometimes, the widgets are compiled in different way from the paper which can be utilized by using the codes in the ratio of the sidebar. Simply, you are not bound to apply it and it does not cause any difference from the Text Widgets.


(You Can Check Video Tutorial At The End Of The Post)


Content Area Ad Space: It is simply the visual aspect of the ad at the beginning, at the middle or at the conclusion of the post. Sometimes, there can be space for ads at the beginning or at the end of a post. Sometimes, you cannot get that option. Sometimes, the distance can be given but you own to add an advertisement in some other ways. If the theme option does not support in your own way, you can utilize the free Plugin named Quick AdSense. This Plugin mainly contains some additional advantages; hence I’ll appreciate you to attempt this one.

Say, you want to add your required advertisement at the start of your post, in the middle or in right order after some or your post-stanzas, you can apply it well. Moreover, those ads can be separately placed on the left side or the right side. That stands for, you can put your ads in your own requirement. If you desire, you can mention about the breaks between the advertisements and contents as well. Besides, one of the big advantages of this plugin is, it can show the ads randomly. As if, you put the codes of four different ads and want to activate three of those, the website will show three different ads, not more than your requirement. So, you will find three different ads in different times.

You can add your advertisement by applying the same plugin. In that case, you have to get the sidebar from the setting of this plugin and paste the ad codes to get the widget named by the sidebar. Just, put it in the area of the sidebar.

Quick AdSense


Other AdSense Plugins: There are many other plugins for applying ads on the websites of the WordPress. In fact, there is a plugin made by the Google AdSense Team. Simply, you cannot find multiple features for the customization in the other Plugins. Thus, I am not flexible with those and will not advise you to use the other plugins. But, you can try different plugins for your satisfaction.


Hope, you will like the post. Waiting for your comments thus I can make my next post based on your requirements.



How To Add AdSense on WordPress Tutorial

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