SLAX : A Live Operating System

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
SLAX is an live operating system by Linux that can run from pendrive or CD/DVD . So if you face any problem with your computer and face error to run , with SLAX you can run your computer and backup all of your important data saved on your computer . Also it have many important software built in like PDF reader , internet browser , music/video player , text/docs editor etc . So you can use your PC without hard disk also .
You can add more program that also free and found on SLAX’s website .
Its size just 199mb and after install , no more then 215mb .How to install :
1) First download <a href=””>SLAX</a>-6.x.x.tar for pendrive and <a href=””>7-zip</a> if you don’t have already and install it . Now right click on SLAX-6.x.x.tar and select 7-zip > extract here . You will see now two folder .
2) Take 1 pendrive that have 250 mb or more space and format it . Now send that two folders you extract in root of pendrive .
3) After copying complete , open pendrive folder &gt; boot &gt; bootinst.bat and follow the onscreen instructions to make the device bootable .
Once the USB install script has finished , reboot your computer .

How to use :
1) Plugin your pendrive on computer .
2) Restart your PC and enter in bios setting . To enter in bios setting you need to press f2 (in Intel motherboard) and Del (in gigabyte) when PC starting . If your computer motherboard are none of both , look on screen when PC starting to know which keys are need to press .
3) Now find the boot setting , set usb as first booting device (you need to change it again when you don’t use your SLAX . So remember the old setting .)
4) Now save and exit from bios . Wait . . . Now you will see that SLAX running . Select any mode that you need . If you don’t know that which mode need to select , select default mode .

Enjoy SLAX Live Operating System . . . . . . .

*) More information can found on
*) SLAX and 7-zip are full free (open source and freeware)
*) To know SLAX for CD/DVD installation and usage check
*) You can use your pendrive normally when SLAX installed . But don’t edit , erase or move any files from that two folder .
*) After installed , you can use it in any computer . Its not fact that which computer is used to install SLAX .
*) To make your pendrive normal , just format pendrive .
*) Keep downloaded slax-6.x.x.tar file in a safe place to use it again later .
*) SLAX for pendrive also support any usb disk like mp3 player ,memory card etc . So if you don’t have pendrive , also you can use it using memory card , mp3 player etc . . . . . . .

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