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Skrill: What Makes It One of the Best Online Payment Systems?

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Moneybookers (which is gradually changing its name to Skrill) is regarded as one of the best-crafted and one of the best-implemented online payment systems in the world. It is a system where you get to create an account on the Skrill website, that being an account you can subsequently use to receive funds, send funds, buy items on e-commerce sites and so on. There are many factors that, as mentioned earlier, make Skrill be regarded as one of the best online payment systems. Those include:


The Fact That Signing Up For Skrill Is So Easy: You start by just entering the Skrill website address, to access the website. Once there, you opt to ‘sign up’ which basically involves entering your personal details, to end up with an account based on your email address. You don’t need any money at sign up time. The sign up form mostly goes smoothly, and it is something you should get done with in a matter of minutes.


The Fact That Skrill Does International Bank Transfers: This means that folks in pretty much any part of the world you can think of can withdraw money from Skrill. Many other quite popular online funds transfer systems have huge limitations, in terms of the countries where members can actually withdraw funds. Some have a system where members in certain countries can easily deposit funds into the online account, but where withdrawal turns out to be really hectic. With Skrill/Skrill, you can deposit and withdraw in pretty much any country you can think of. There are, of course, very stringent measures to guard against money laundering and such other things.


The Fact That Skrill Charges So Little For Its Services: Skrill seems to operate on the premise that the cost of transferring/withdrawing funds shouldn’t be high enough to be ‘felt.’


The Fact That Skrill Is Quite Efficient At Transferring Funds: Folks within the EU can actually deposit and withdraw funds instantly, through the MasterCard. But even in cases where funds transfers are through bank transfers, the process often turns out to be much faster than most people would expect. Many are pleasantly surprised.


The Fact That Skrill Is Convenient To Use: It works fast. The site is almost never down. The costs are low. There is the option of MasterCard withdrawals in the EU… It is remarkably convenient at many levels.


To Start Using Skrill Services, You Only Have To:

Create a Skrill Account: This involves accessing the Skrill website, clicking on ‘sign up’ to access the sign up form, filling in the form, and submitting it to have an account created. So long as your computer has no issues and you are clear-minded, you can get a Skrill account set up in less than five minutes.


Verify The Skrill Account: There are several modes of verification. You can verify your bank account, by withdrawing a certain (limited) sum, and looking for the verification code that Skrill includes in the SWIFT advice (which you then enter on Skrill’ website). You can also verify your physical address, which involves Skrill sending a code to you by ordinary snail mail, which code you are supposed to enter on Skrill website to be verified. The verification process is not hard to Skrill account-holders, yet it enhances the security of the system considerably.

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