SEO And Its Benefits

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

SEO and its benefits
What is SEO?
If you use the internet frequently, you may have come across the term “SEO”. So, what the SEO exactly is and what does it mean? Actually it is an abbreviation. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which you can bring a page in the top results of a search engine. It affects the appearance of the website in the natural results of the search and not the paid results. The more frequently your site appears in the results, the more will be the visitors of the site i.e. better traffic.
It is among the most useful things to do. You can do the optimization of your site and by doing that, you get more traffic for your site. It is not a very simple thing to optimize your site. You need to put some serious effort in the process to make it work but the point is, if you optimize your site the way it is supposed to be, you will get better ranks for your site in the search engines and this leads to more traffic as mentioned earlier. In fact, it is an online marketing strategy.
In simple words, for the SEO to work, you need to understand how a search engine works and how the people on the other end use the keywords. Once you gain this knowledge, you can do the SEO in a better way. The aim of doing the SEO is to use those words on your site which people often use for searching.
Benefits of SEO:
There are many advantages of Search Engine Optimization. As a matter of fact, any site or page is useless without SEO. A site or page is meant for people to visit and go through what is in there. If there is no traffic, there is no use of having your site. So, you are forced to do the SEO. The benefits of SEO are discussed below:
Targeted Traffic for free:
The most common benefit of SEO and the one for which people optimize their sites is the targeted traffic. Once you have optimized your page to the top results of the search engine, you will be getting a lot of traffic and it won’t be a problem for you to maintain the site at that position. So, you will be able to get that much traffic for free without any more trouble.
Best Return on Investment:

One major benefit that the SEOhas on the other marketing strategies is the Superb ROI. Once your site is optimized to appear in the top results, you will be getting the best ROI and you will love SEO more than other marketing strategies.

Cost Effectiveness:
This marketing strategy is one of the most cost effective methods. Once you optimize your site the way it is supposed to be, you will know for yourself that it is the most cost effective method and you get the best results for your efforts.
More Useful:
Your site becomes available to a lot of users by the process of SEO unlike other marketing methods in which there are only a few groups of people visiting your site.Higher Sales:

You get higher sales with the cost effective method of SEO because it allows more visibility. 

How to do SEO?

For optimizing your site, the most important thing is the content of the pages of your site. Although you will see websites that appear in the top results as a result of campaigns but when it comes to continuous traffic and the loyalty of visitors, you will see that it is the content of your page which matters the most.
Here are some steps that you can follow for the better optimization:
·         Write optimized content for your site regularly:
You should keep it in mind that the traffic comes from humans. So, you should be writing what is interesting for humans and it will automatically get better ranking in the search engine results. Your content should have great quality. If you keep using keywords senselessly, maybe you will get better ranks for the search engine, but people won’t visit your page after their first visit.
Quality content is the one for which people feel urge to share on the social networks. If this happens to your content, search engine will rank it higher automatically.
You should also consider putting your content on the article submission directories as you can expect some readers there.
Rewriting your previous content should also be considered as you might have come across new SEO techniques of which you were not aware of in the past.
·         Put your page link on other websites:
For this purpose, you can ask the owners of some website that have good traffic to put your link in there and you can put their links on your page. In this way, you can get expect some backlinks and that actually helps.
·         Put relevant images:
Relevant images with proper captions can make room for you in the image searches. You can use your keywords where possible in the caption of the images. But you should be careful not to do it excessively or you might end up losing your traffic.
·         Proper Keywords:
Use the keywords that people mostly use. For this purpose, a little research might be helpful.
·         Avoid duplication of the content:
Duplication of the content is not legal. Always write unique content.

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