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by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

It is no surprise that in today’s era, people are fed up of going for a 9 to 5 job and are now looking to work from the comfort of their homes. Why would anyone go for long travels to office, listen to the boss’s ranting comments and handle work pressure when he could work in the pajamas in his bed while shipping his favorite juice or coffee? Well, somewhat similar is the case with freelance musicians who are composing from the comfort of their home and aim to make their name in the music industry. Not just music industry, the freelance musicians also rake in some big gun clients to sell their music for their ads or intro videos. Let us see you as a musician can sell your music.


Be Thorough

The first thing that you need to do in order to sell your music is to be thorough. By this, we mean that you as a musician should be well aware of his strengths and comfort levels while playing and recording on the instruments. When you are done with the steps, you should also get familiarized with the market demands and the rates. Be sure to know what the market rate is for making a 1 minute instrumental or a shorter music interlude. This will also help you know better that what type of music I in demand as well as which type of clients you can serve. After being thorough with the above things, you can move to the next step to sell your music.


Registering Yourself

Now marketing is not a task, it is an art. And as a musician, you do not know much about marketing. If you haven’t really sold your music online, the next step is to register yourself after getting thorough with the needs of the market and the rates being offered. You need to register yourself at some of the best online music selling sites or even the freelancer sites where you can make your profile and share a few of your sample works or previous assignments with the people. You might not be the only one out there but if you have the required skills and the employer feels that you can work with them on their project, you would surely be hearing from them soon for a quote on the best of your works or to make a custom music piece!


Make Your Presence Felt

The best thing about how to sell your music online is that you are the sole person handling it. From the music you make to marketing yourself- you are the one who knows everything and has the complete control. This gives you the complete freedom to experiment and even make a few choices which might be hard to make with a team or a recording studio. As a solo artist, you can make short pieces easily and as the rates are lower, you might be contacted repeatedly by many clients. So go ahead guys, now is the time to take a step forward and sell your music on some of the best platforms and rake in some quick cash with your hobby!

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