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Sell Video to Earn Money

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Technology has changed the world for good and we couldn’t have expected anything less from it. With more and more gadgets coming your way, it is possible to do almost anything- from editing images to capturing videos and even making images and videos on your own with animation and special effects! That’s the power of technology, which can’t be stopped at all. But the fact is, that you perhaps might not be reaping the most from the technology after all. Do you know how to make a video? Are you familiar with working on different video creation platforms? Are you able to do some special effects to videos and make them more enticing for the viewers? Then you sir can sell video to earn money on a regular basis.


What is in demand?

To know how you can earn money by selling videos, again what you need to know is what type of videos are in demand in the market and what all skills are required. Making a video isn’t that difficult if you have proper software and applications. Even a software as simple as windows media player can help you in making high quality videos. The main objective is to understand the requirements of the clients.

For videos, the most in demand are dedication and marketing videos. A marketing video would usually be made for marketing a service or a product. Such a video has to be made in a way that more and more people would get attracted. Thus, the video should be interactive, dynamic as well as simple to be easily understandable. The dedication videos are the videos which are made to pay tribute or thank and even congratulate a person. Such videos are usually made from previous video grabs or images along with the texts. Some of the other videos which might not be able to fetch a lot of money but still work are the lyrics video in which you have to time the lyrics of the song with the audio and integrate things in a video.


How To Sell It

To begin with, you might get associated on a part time basis with an advertising agency or marketing and promotions firm. This will give you a good experience and also help in learning how the video making projects are handled by experienced developers. On other hand, you could also try and join few of the freelancing portals in order to make clients.

So before you jump in to start, make sure that you have the basic skills that are needed for making a video. Also, get your portfolio ready with at least three types of each category of videos that are in demand by the clients. If you have new creative ideas and a unique vision which would bring about the change the firms are looking for, expect a hiring call soon from the other side.

Keep your price reasonable, whether you sell the video per piece or work on per hour basis. If you offer great quality of videos at affordable packages, you might just become one of the most sought after video maker in the industry.


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