Handmade Items And Crafts

5 Ways To Sell Handmade Items And Crafts Online

by RitikaGupta

If you are a super creative DIY kind of person who’s always involved in making a handmade item for a loved one, then we strongly recommend that you turn your talent into a business. I am sure that this has been suggested to you before and you just don’t know where to start from. We don’t worry because we have five kickass ways that you can broadcast your talent to the world and additionally even make money out of it.


Sell Handmade Items And Crafts


Big Companies

In India major online E-commerce websites are always ready to add more products to their ever-growing website.  For that, all you have to do is get yourself enrolled as a seller, and these websites will help you in selling your products. Target sites like Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and Kraftly. The biggest plus point is that your business is hosted by renowned and trusted internet portal which makes you worry less about marketing the products and you can concentrate on creating them.


Social Media

Make your Facebook account or your Instagram page a place to showcase your talent. Tell your friends to share your crafts, and you too share it on various social media groups. Soon, you will have orders pouring in from all around. It’s the best way to communicate where you can talk to the customers on a personal level and also cater to their special needs as well.



If crafts are truly your passion then why not spread it online. You can start a blog of your writing about your creations and DIY and with that give your audience a place to order it from. If you are comfortable enough why not start your very own YouTube Channel where you can talk about art and craft while providing a link to your website as well. Not only will you sell your work but also become an online entity. Who knows maybe you become the next viral internet star?


Street Marketing

This Idea is only possible in India. We are all aware how there are street vendors in markets selling products. Why not you sell them your handmade items to further sell in the market. This way you instantly make money and also are helping in contributing to a poor man’s livelihood. You can get in contact with street vendors through various NGO’s.



Look out for all the shows and fairs in your area and book a stall. Normally, such events last for three to four days. Hence, you have ample amount of time to sell your products. The good thing about this way is that you don’t have to work all year around and if you make crafts as a hobby then this can be your part time job to earn some extra cash.


As it popularly said, “If you are good at something then, never do it for free.” So, don’t let your talent go to waste. Encourage yourself and give it a shot. Your hobby might turn out to be a full-fledged business.

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