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Sell Graphic to Earn Money

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Earning money with freelancing is quite easy for an individual, if you have the needed skills and know how to market yourself. With the world tired of the 9 to 5 culture of daily jobs that has been prevalent in most parts of the world, more and more people are slowly shifting towards freelancing as a job option for themselves. For designers and artists, finding a permanent and stable job is quite unlikely, which is the reason why most of them prefer freelancing over a normal job.


Graphic Designer and Artists

Before we move to see how you can sell graphic to earn money, let us understand what all is in the demand in market and how you can take advantage to earn more. With every firm looking to market itself, they all need graphics which are attractive and can woo the customers. Not just attractive graphics, even part time artists are needed by such company for many campaigns. But as most of them just need them for marketing, many small firms do not hire a permanent graphic content designer or artist and thus go to an advertising agency for help. Thy might have to pay heavy sums for one project but do not have to shell out money continuously for the whole year to pay the artist, which turns out to be profitable for them. You can exploit this very fact of the firms and earn more by selling your graphics to them for an amount lower than what they usually pay the advertising agency. With almost 7-8 good firms as your permanent clients with goodwill, you might be able to do more than just make meet both ends meet.


How to Begin

The most important part of how to sell graphic to earn money is knowing how and where to begin with. If you use computer graphic software for content designing and graphic making, it is more likely that you can set up your own website to showcase your previous works. Thus, the first step is to make your portfolio, a strong one as we recommend. If the company has to hire you for your services, your fist impression with the previous works should be with a bang. Not just that, make sure to include previous acknowledgements and appreciations.

If you are an artist who sketches, you yourself can approach various agencies and marketing groups with your samples or send them by mail to offer and work with them. If you think that you are good enough and they concur with you, congratulatory wishes are in order.


Securing Yourself

But the world isn’t that easy out there as you might be facing hostile challenges. Just like any other stuff that you might own, even your graphics and sketches are solely your property and thus you are responsible in protecting them. Even if you choose to work as a freelancer on many of the leading freelancing platforms, make sure that your graphic designs and creative artistic ideas are always protected, so that you can sell graphic to earn money.

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