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Sell Code to Earn Money

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

In the information and technology domain as well as the computer science field, the highest paying job is that of a computer programmer, who is proficient in using computer languages and generate codes for software or application development. However, due to the efforts that are spent in making these codes as well as the time and resources that it takes, most of the coders do not want to permanently work for a single company. It is a competition out there and if you have a great code at your disposal, indeed the highest bidder should get the code. So if you’re a coder and are looking to sell code to earn money, this post is definitely for you.


Setting It Up

Coders are of primary importance in any IT firm as well as Software Development Company. You might know the requirements, you might have the technical knowledge of the domain but only a few experienced as well as proficient people have the ability to generate a code based on the given requirements as not everyone can do that. Coders use the given requirements and are able to generate the required code which would fulfill all the specifications. Using scripting or programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python etc the coders are able to generate short as well as long codes that may be used to make software modules. Many such modules thus make up software on combining which can be sold to general public or the clients at the intended price. Thus to sell code, an individual should have profound knowledge of the programming knowledge and should be able to code with algorithms, using data structures with ease.


Why Sell Code?

Yes, that’s the question that needs to be answered as to why you as a coder shouldn’t work for a firm and go freelance to sell your code. If you’re a coder, you are already probably earning a lot of money but sometimes, the company superiors and peers do not let you grow as per your abilities. The amounts you’re earning is good, but how about make it five times the present and earn respect as well as recognition for the code that you have generated. If you think that your growth has been stagnated and you need to break loose to realize your real potential as a programmer, it is the time you really break free and sell your codes as a freelancer.


The Scope and Potential

Freelancing isn’t really that easy as it might seem. Even if the IT firms need codes that could revolutionize their business, they are not exactly lining up to welcome freelancers. Thus, you need to ensure that the code that you are willing to sell is actually unique as well as useful that can help in solving real time problems. You can then sell code to earn money. If the code doesn’t turn out to be original, you might not even earn a nickel from it. Once accepted, you might just have struck the jackpot and ensured a regular income from royalty.

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