Promote Facebook Page

Promote Your Facebook Page

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

                                                            Promote your Facebook page
 Having set up your Facebook  page , you want to promote your page and want people to visit your page again and again. It feels great when someone visits your page and gives you a compliment. You wish people to sign in your page and share your page with their friends as well  so that your page gets promoted. Your page is like a house where people can come and make contact with other people. You become friends with the people who you know or who you don’t know. You wish that your page progresses and becomes famous everywhere.  Actually, setting up a Facebook fan page and promoting it shows your passion for your work and making contact with other people. Whatever it is? You just wish to share your feeling and love with others. There are many ways of promoting your fan page. But what is most required is your passion for work and affection for the people. You want people to admire your works and share them with other people as well.
            You cannot promote your Facebook fan page single handedly. If you wish to promote it to the entire world, you need to have several employees . Tell your employees what you require from them and create passion of work in them as well. Make them feel comfortable .Show some maturity and seniority. Remember you are the owner of the page. It depends on you what kind of stuff you want to share with the people. Therefore , be careful while finalizing content and other stuff so that it does not hurt anyone’s feelings. Post such content that attracts people towards your page. Let others post their parties on your page. You help them promote their page , they will help you to promote yours. To promote your page, send invitations to the friends of your friends. Use Facebook graph search to find people and share your page with them. Give attractive ads and commercials that people love to watch and visit. You can use other social websites to promote your page like twitter.
            Add like button to your fan page on all blogs and sites. Add your business link  to the user profile. Use the social bookmark icons to promote your page. Add different kind of apps that can help you promote your page. Add anchor test links for the promotion of your page. Don’ try to promote your page on your rival’s page. Be professional and helpful.  Give others freedom to comment freely on your fan page so that you remain informed about their views about your page. Be in contact with people all the time and give them content that enhances their knowledge as well as their skills. Try to provide entertainment through our fan page so that people visit your page again and again. Avoid posting such contents that hurt anyone’s feelings. Be gentle and polite while dealing with your visitors. Because your visitors are your strength. Without them , your page is nothing. Find people who have their own fan pages and are successful in this field. Make contact with them and communicate . Their experience will also help you promote your Facebook fan page. Take their guide and then apply. Make a friendly deal with them that if they ask their fans to visit your page, you will ask your fans to visit their fan pages.  This will definitely help you.
            Visit other pages that are successful and take ideas from there. Add intriguing questions to your fan page . It creates a competition among the people and you get more likes and comments. Make contact with people in your daily life and ask them to visit your fan page. This will help you grow your page successfully. Be active socially and communicate with the people daily.

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