Phone Fall In Water

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
What to do when your phone fall in water ?1) Take it out of the water! This might sound obvious, But it’s important that you get your phone away from the source of moisture as soon as possible to minimize damage.

2) Once your phone is out of harm’s way, the first thing you should do is take out your SIM card and any other removable components. If your phone has a removable battery, take this out too- this will prevent the phone from short-circuiting.

3) Dry the phone and all parts with a clean dry cloth or towel. Try to avoid paper towels as bits of paper can get stuck in the phone and prevent it from working. DO NOT use a hairdryer, as this may push water further into the phone.

4) Leave the phone overnight somewhere warm and dry (next to a radiator is good, or you can put it in a bag of rice or wrap it in a towel to help absorb some of the excess moisture).

5) Once you’ve done all these things and your phone is dry, put your phone back together and test it. If it turns on, then you’re good to go! Remember, if you get your phone working again, make sure you back-up and data that you want to keep. . . . . . .

*** This tips collected from NOKIA ***

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