Outsourcing Projects Online : The Options Open to You

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Having made the decision to outsource projects online, you are likely to be interested in understanding the options open to you. These are, to be more specific, options in terms of how exactly you can go about outsourcing the projects online. And as it turns out, there are indeed very many options open to you, as a person who is keen on outsourcing projects online. We will be looking at some of those here.
Without any further ado, some of the options that are open to you, when trying to outsource projects online include:
1.      The option of outsourcing directly: this is where you can simply create an account on one of the leading freelancing sites, post the projects there, and proceed to select contractors to work with – all by yourself.
2.      The option of outsourcing through a broker: there are brokers whose business is that of coordinating outsourced projects on behalf of their clients. If you work with one of these, you can have him figure out the best freelancing sites for you, post the projects there, select contractors for you, and generally manage the whole thing for you. It can cost more than outsourcing directly, but then it can save you quite a bit of time.
3.      The option of outsourcing on a single freelancing site: if yours is a small or medium sized project, you may find it more convenient to simply outsource it through a single freelancing site.
4.      The option of outsourcing on multiple freelancing sites: if yours is a huge project, or if you have multiple projects, you can opt to outsource them on multiple freelancing sites, so as to get them done faster. This way, you also get to tap into the strengths of the various freelancing sites, and also get to avoid the pitfall of putting all your eggs in one basket.
5.      The option of selecting a single contractor to work on the project: this way, project coordination is not hard, and you are likely to get consistency in the output (because the project will have been worked on entirely by a single contractor).
6.      The option of selecting multiple contractors to work on the project: if you want to get your project completed fast, or if it is too huge to be handled effectively by a single contractor, you may opt to break it down into bits, which you subsequently give to multiple contractors.
7.      The option of paying for the project on milestone basis: this is where you divide the project into tasks, and then release the money that is escrowed to the contractor as the various ‘tasks’ get completed. This is also likely to keep the contractor motivated, and avoid a situation where he or she gets into financial distress (which would tend to tempt him to take other projects on the side, leading to a situation where your project suffers).
8.      The option of paying for the project singly, as a whole: if the project you are trying to get executed is a small one, you can have it handled as a whole, so that the selected contractor simply does it, and you then release the payment once the entire project is completed.

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