Outsourcing Projects Online

Outsourcing Projects Online: the Best Way to Go About It

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

There are several ways in which you can go about outsourcing projects online. You can, for one, hook up with the overseas companies that specialize in coordinating outsourced projects, and have them get the work done for you. Depending on the nature of the work in question, this can be a scheme where you coordinate the project online (over an Internet-based Interface). You’d thus be said to have outsourced the project online. You can also simply log into one of the freelance work sites, and proceed to post the project you want to outsource there. Then private contractors (the freelancers) who feel that they can help you with the project can bid, and you eventually select one (or several) to work with. We are of the opinion that the latter approach is the best one to take, if you want to outsource projects online. The reasons as to why we think that the latter approach, where you outsource through freelancing sites, is the best include the facts that:


1. You Are Likely To Spend Less: The big-time outsourcing contractors tend to expect very much, in terms of payments for projects they undertake. On the other hand, the outsourcing contractors who work through the freelancing sites tend to be more modest in terms of their expectations. In any event, the outsourcing contractors in the freelancing sites are always competing against each other, and this ensures that they bid for as low as possible. In the final analysis, you are likely to end up spending less than you’d otherwise have spent, if you opt to outsource projects (directly) online.

2. You Are Likely To Have An Easy Time Selecting a Contractor To Work With: Firstly, so long as your project looks reasonable, it is bound to attract many bidders, meaning choosing one contractor to work with won’t be so hard. Secondly, the way these freelancing sites operate is such that prior clients leave reviews for the contractors, meaning that leveraging on those reviews, you can select an ideal contractor to work with easily.

3. You Are Likely To Have Many Highly Qualified Contractors To Choose From: This is as opposed to opting to work with the big-time outsourcing contractors, where you typically end up stuck with a single service provider. In the freelancing sites, you get a diversity of talent to choose from, in line with your needs.

4. You Are Likely To Be In a Position To Distribute The Project: If it is a huge project, most freelancing sites nowadays have functionality where you can select multiple contractors to on it. This way, you spread your odds, so that even if some of the contractors fail to deliver, others would. You also get the project done faster, and leveraging on the law of averages, you are also likely to get it done to a considerably high standard. If, on the other hand, you had opted to simply give your project to one of the big-time outsourcing contractor companies offline, you’d probably not be in a position to distribute it like this.

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