Outsourcing Projects Online

Outsourcing Projects Online: How to Identify the Best Freelancing Sites to Post Projects On

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

There are several ways in which you can go about outsourcing projects online. The most practical of those is where you post the projects you want to outsource on freelancing sites. Independent contractors then proceed to bid on the projects, and you ultimately select the one you feel is likely to handle the project is the best way possible and most cost-effectively. Over the years, many such freelancing sites, which make it possible for small and medium sized enterprises to outsource projects globally have arisen. Some of these freelancing sites are quite good (from the point of view of a businessperson seeking to outsource a project). Some of the freelancing sites that are meant to make it possible for business people to outsource projects are, however, not so good, from the point of view of the business people seeking to outsource projects. This state of affairs presents a challenge to you, as a person seeking to outsource projects online. That is a challenge where you need to identify the best freelancing sites to post projects on.

So, how do you identify the best freelancing sites to post projects on? Here are some important considerations.


1. The Caliber Of Contractors Available: You need to ensure that you only outsource your projects in freelancing sites where there are contractors capable of handling such projects. Of course, if the projects you have are fairly simple (such that they can be handled by pretty much anyone), you can post them anywhere. But if they are complex projects, you will have to undertake due diligence, to ensure that the freelancing sites you post them on have the caliber of contractors who can get them done well, on time and on budget.


2. Employer Protection Measures Available: You will want to know, for instance, whether the freelancing sites under consideration have escrow payment mechanisms, which protect your interests as the employer as well as the interests of the contractor you will be working with. You will also want to check the dispute resolution mechanisms in place (and the fairness thereof), because disputes do occur in these working relationships.


3. Convenience: The best freelancing site to outsource projects on would be one that is convenient to work in. This is convenience in terms of how easy it is to post projects, deposit funds, select contractors to work with and generally navigate around the interface.


4. Cost: The best freelancing site to outsource projects on would be one where you don’t have to spend very much, in terms of paying project fees. You also need to ensure that the site doesn’t charge too much to the contractors you will be working with. If you opt for a site where the contractors are charged too much, you may end up with a situation where the folks you choose to work with end up having motivation problems after being charged too much in project fees.


5. Reputation: You need to understand how the freelancing site you are considering posting projects on is regarded. There are review sites, as well as forums, where you can find information pertaining to the various freelancing sites through which you can outsource projects.

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