Outsourcing Projects Online

Outsourcing Projects Online – How to Get the Best Value for Your Money

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

There are several measures you can take, in order to get the best value for your money when outsourcing projects online. We will be shortly exploring those measures that you, as a businessperson outsourcing projects online, can take to increase chances of getting the best value for money. This is against a background where we assume that everyone who outsources projects online does so with the intention of ultimately getting the best value for money. You are said to have gotten good value for money in this context when your project is completed within the allocated time, and within the allocated budget, and when the work is actually done to a high standard.


Now, to get the best value for your money when outsourcing projects online, you need to:

Select Sites To Outsource Projects On With Great Care: There are some sites where there is a high probability of hooking up with decent contractors, and others where the probability of hooking up with decent contractors is low. Just do your homework, and ultimately, ensure that you post the projects where they are likely to be done well.


Ensure That Your Projects Are On The Right Categories Within The Freelancing Sites: The contractors don’t typically browse through all projects in the freelancing sites, when trying to figure out those they wish to bid for. Rather, they tend to head into specific categories straight. These categories are usually named on the basis of skill sets. It therefore becomes necessary to identify the skills necessary for the excellent execution of your project, and post your projects in those categories.


Ensure That You State Your Expectations Clearly: This way, only folks who really have what it takes to execute the projects will bid. Be clear, but don’t sound harsh lest you turn off contractors who hate working with difficult clients.


Select The Contractors To Award The Project To With Extreme Care: This step is what is likely to determine whether you get value for your money or not. Identify what goes into the making a good independent contractor and ensure that the one you choose to work with meets that criteria.


Manage The Contractors You Select In The Proper Way: Figure out a way of encouraging them to work well without sounding as if you are pushing them. You are likely to be more successful if you opt for positive motivation, as opposed to negative management.


Pay a Decent Amount Of Money For The Work: Often, you end up getting what you are willing to pay for. Be willing to sacrifice a little extra amount of money, if it becomes clear that doing so can translate into better output.


Avoid Working With Contractors Who Subcontract Work In Turn: The end result here tends to be a situation where the subcontractors who eventually do the actually work are very poorly paid. They therefore lack the motivation to do the work well, and you get substandard output. Yet you still have to pay much, so that the main contractor (who in turn subcontracted the work) gets his or her ‘cut.’ It is better to give the work to contractors who can actually do the work (and deliver well) themselves, or through competent, well-coordinated teams they manage directly.

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