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Mobile Photography for Earning

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Earning money in today’s time is no longer difficult. If you have the right skills and know the how and where to market yourself, you could earn sufficient amount of money in no time! Mobile photography is just one of the ways in which you could not only complete your hobby, but also earn some quick bucks while on the go! In this article, we are going to discuss the scope of mobile photography for earning money so that you too can learn how a simple mobile camera can help you in getting some extra bucks.


Need for Mobile Photography:

Before we learn how it can be done and what to do to earn money, let us understand the why part of the topic. Photography is necessary, if not a hobby for people today. Needless to say that with booming businesses, people need new images and graphics to attract more clients but the problem for them is that they can’t just pull the photograph out of the hat. To get hassle free images and boost their rankings, the sites and business makers need to use copyright free images or the original photographs. Without resolving the rights issue of the photograph, business makers and sites keep themselves open to lawsuits if the photographer decides to ask for damages and theft of property. Thus, sites and business makers tend to buy stock photographs which have been put up by sale by photographers. Whether it is simple flower or photograph of a tea set- you might not know what might be needed and earn you some quick bucks.


How to Earn:

Coming to the point now, you just need to make sure that you have good quality camera while clicking photographs from your mobile phone. Of course, you can’t use a digital camera of 2 MP or so. Try using a 8 MP or higher camera resolution phone and click the photograph. A beautiful sunset, a car, a bike on the road, some pets lying around or a funny board sign- any shot or may be every shot could rake in some bucks. After you have clicked the shots, you need to select a few good ones and upload them on various sites which offer the photographers to sell their images. The site ratio of pay differs from one to another as some might take just 30% of the price as commission while some take as high as half the amount. After uploading, you can connect your account with PayPal or your bank account and use mobile photography for earning.

Taking Photo From Mobile Phone

The Road Ahead:

So once you’re started with the process, there is no end to this if you pursue mobile photography with great dedication. Click a few 10-12 snaps every day or two and upload them. Even though the price of one picture isn’t much, you will be known in the circles and be in demand if you are able to deliver professional grade images. Even if you’re looking for a part time work or source of income, mobile photography for earning might just be the start you’re looking for.


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