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Learn WordPress to Earn Money

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most used platforms for making websites in the current trending web based industry. Websites usually used to be made in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc. but with the introduction of WordPress, things have become much simpler and easier and now almost all the people can make their own website and host it in no time. Even though WordPress makes things easy for the laymen, having prior technical knowledge, experience as well insight into the platform can always help and give you an extra edge. This is the reason why you should learn WordPress to earn money as there are still many people out there who are not well versed with the basics and high level functions of WordPress plugins.


Where to Start

Learning WordPress is easy and you can start with simple text tutorials that are available on many websites. Unlike other web development platforms, WordPress involves a lot less coding and more of designing part in which all you have to do is use the framework and click on the provided options. After learning the basics, you can then move to the technical part of the WordPress and here’s the catch- this is where it gets tricky tough. The technical part of WordPress is regarded difficult because the first part of it is learning to make WordPress themes which are used by various users and also, paid for. The next comes important part of development of plugins that help in increasing the functionality of the website.


Developing Themes and Plugins

For being able to develop the themes and plugins in WordPress, an individual must know the coding and designing platforms other than just knowledge of WordPress. This is because the theme design of the WordPress site involves various graphics as well as designing elements that have to be aligned. After you have learnt how to code the different elements, you can easily take design the website as per your requirements ad plans. Plugins however require more focus as they are not visible elements for the website. Plugins are same as add-ons that you might be using on your web browser. These are small application based add-ons that can increase the overall functionality of the website and also make it look good. As the ease of navigation and functioning of the various elements of the WordPress increases, more and more people would enjoy coming to the site. Thus every web owner would like to get such plugins that make things easy rather than taking up space and providing good for nothing.


Learn It All and Get Going

But learning itself has no use when you’re not applying the very same knowledge into practical projects or application based ventures. You should get into some freelancing business or take a part time ob with a star-up to work for them in order to figure out what use your WordPress skills really are of and whether they are enough to get you a job in the future. Easy money while learning a new platform, what better could you ask for?

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