Learn WordPress as Skills

Learn WordPress as Skills

Web development is a vast field and needless to say, it is an ever growing domain now. With the growth at its all-time high and more start-ups as well as companies coming in for making their own business, we can say that from the number of 1 billion, the number of websites is soon going to double in the next 5 years itself. WordPress happens to be one of the most popular web development platforms as more than 67% of the total websites are made on WordPress today. With WordPress open, more and more people can put themselves online without having to do much about designing and coding at all. From the development to hosting to alignment and themes and even SEO, all is taken care by WordPress if you know how to use it!


WordPress Skills

What are WordPress skills? If it is itself a framework and makes the web development as well as search engine optimization process easier, why should anyone try and learn WordPress? Well, WordPress might be the most popular web development platform today but even to drive the most popular framework, you need to have certain skills, knowledge as well as experience with WordPress. Not just that, if you know how to do different tasks in WordPress such as designing and making themes as well as the development of WordPress plugins, you might just be the valuable development asset that Web masters are looking for. Thus, it is indeed very important for any web developer or a person with no experience in WordPress to know more about the platform and learn to use the basic skills so that if they ever have to, they can use the skills to earn money as well.


Starting the Learning Process

Your first question should be where to start learning from. If you have prior experience in working with WordPress and have been able to put up posts, modify them and do more, you do not need to go through the introduction chapters. However if you happen to be an individual with no previous experience of WordPress, your best shot at learning WordPress is by starting from the grass root level and understanding how WordPress works. Then finally after understanding, you can move to the visualization and coding part of the WordPress where you can modify the existing codes and change themes or even make new ones. Well if that wasn’t enough, you could next move on to the core programming part of WordPress in which you can design your plugins and modify the functionality of the existing ones as per your requirements. With such knowledge at hand, you can practically become a qualified WordPress developer and earn handsomely.
Learn WordPress as skills and you might never have to look for work again. That is true especially in the time when the eCommerce market as well as business firms are now going digital and all tech-oriented in approach. Grab the opportunity and turn your learnt WordPress skills to earn money, whenever needed.

Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu (Bengali: মইন উদ্দিন আহমেদ টিপু) (born January 08, 1992) is a computer expert. Moin was born in Chittagong, a city of Bangladesh. Moin is 24 years old Bangladeshi Young Entrepreneur, Online Social Media Entrepreneur, Web Developer/Designer and Online Marketing Consultant live in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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