Know What Is Freelancing

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
Freelancing has become a talk of the town in recent times. Everyone
wants to know how to earn money from internet. Yes, to people it is
not freelancing. The name of this process is earning money from
internet to them. As it is a most talked subject, people are trying to
fool people about this. Some people truly know a little, some actually
know a lot but they are dishonest. That is why it has become tough for
people to know exactly what freelancing is and how to do it perfectly.Freelancing itself is not at all difficult. Another name of
freelancing is outsourcing. Outsourcing means a person is trying to
outsource his or her skills. Now, skills cannot be outsourced so
skilled things are the things that they outsource. For example, a
person in Bangladesh knows how to design a website. May be he read a
blog or a site and understood the tutorials. Now, another person in
USA needs a website designer for his or her website. If he tries to
find a website designer in USA, it will cost him a lot. It would not
be possible for him to get a website designer under three or four
thousand usd and that is a huge amount of money. Think why this huge
amount of money is charged by the designer. The reason is, the
designer has an office, he holds some employee there and all these
things impact in the money. Now again, think about that person in
Bangladesh. He is a person of a developing country. In these
countries, dollar rate is high so instead of three thousands of
dollars, if the buyer invests about one thousand dollar then he will
get the same thing as the previous one because the work is the same.
So, he appointed the second one and the second person did this
perfectly and sent it back there. This is called freelancing and the
second person will be called as a freelancer. Now, a very important
question is how these two parties will meet. The answer is freelancing
market places such as freelancer, odesk and all those sites. Put
importance on which site you are choosing as your market place because
there are lots of sites in the internet which are fake and those sites
will never pay you. So, it is better to be safe early because once you
will be cheated, you will lose all your hopes and dreams so be careful
at the initial stage.

Now, after studying properly on net and off net, you are ready to
enter in the market place. Here, there is another important thing
which should be remembered. There are lots of ways to earn money from
net but everything is not freelancing. Some people will tell you to do
capcha entry or works related to those. Do not go for those. These are
not fake but these are not proper freelancing also. Try to go for a
proper skill. It can be writing or designing or anything. Also,
another important part is that, you should not go for the ptc. Ptc
means paid to click service.


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