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Know More About Freelance Writing Jobs

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Writing has always been regarded one of the best ways to express one’s opinion, even better than the spoken word. It is always said that writers say more than what they write to express and that is the real beauty of it. If you too have the flair of writing and believe that your expressed opinions would make a difference, you can go for a freelancer writing job where you would have the freedom to choose what you write and what profile you would like to work on, apart from choosing your work hours and place! Yes, that’s the advantage of freelance writing job – you are bound to no one and can easily make your own decisions as no one would ever force a project on you.


However, becoming a writer is not as easy as it sounds. For your opinions to matter and people to actually look forward to your work, you need to first select a writing profile and start with small projects to hone your skills. Here, we have a glance at the different writing profiles in the Freelance writing jobs.


Writing Profiles

  • Article WritingArticle Writers are those individuals who write content articles based on the given title or keyword. The article is used for general informative purposes or for back link generation in the SEO process. The content can be fictional, non-fictional or just based on facts.


  • Blog managing- A blog manager is the individual who is responsible for managing the blog site. The content generated by a blog writer or manager is solely designed for blogging purposes which gives an account of writer’s expressions or writer’s opinion. Blog writing is much different from the normal article writing.


  • Web Content Writing- The web content writer is the one who would write content for the websites i.e. the content that you get to read at any service provider’s website. The content as generated by a web content writer is meant for promotional and marketing purposes to boost up sales.



  • Academic Writing- Academic writing is the profile of writing in which the writer has to undertake various writing jobs that are related to research. The academic writing generally includes assignments, thesis, dissertations and academic proposals to be submitted in universities.


  • Technical or Report Writing- Technical writing is the profile of writing in which the associated writer has to undertake evaluation and analysis of a business firm or venture which is then represented in form of report that would display predictive analytic information.


Get ahead

There are many other freelance writing profiles which one could undertake e.g. Transcribing jobs, business writing, etc. Even though the fields of writing are endless, the above 5 writing profiles are the most common and most sought after. So if you are gearing up to be a writer and take a freelance writing job, you need to be very careful in selecting your profile and then work sincerely on it to improve your writing skills and adapt to the changing trends in writing.

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