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Some Basic Tips Regarding Increasing Earning From AdSense

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Many of the users use Google AdSense and notice that they’re earning from AdSense is not sufficient in that way. Besides the ads are not clicked in sufficient quantity and their earning is also insufficient as well. That is also deficient according to the ratio. But why? Firstly, we have to make understand regarding how the AdSense work. Then you will surely understand how to increase your earning through AdSense.


Google AdWords: Google AdSense started its journey through Google AdWords. The advertisers ascertain that where the advertisements will be presented. As their target is to reach to the visitors through the advertisements, they select the appropriate places where the audience surely looks into. Because, they bear to compensate for not only the clicks (CPC) but also the sites where the ads will be expressed (CPM). Thus, it’s important for them to make sure that will be detected easily by taking the position of the advertising’s like Sidebar, at the start of an article, in the middle of an article, at the end of the article etc. But every site is not same because their designs are not same. The advertisers take part in bidding in order to grab the convenient places.


How To Increase Your Earning From AdSense

You can increase your earning easily through Google AdSense. But you have to make sure that you will follow the suggestions are given below-


Proper Placement Of The Advertisement: Firstly, you have to examine. You have to try to put your ads in different places and understand the visitor’s pulse, where they give their glance regularly. In that case, you can also think yourself as a visitor, where you expect your desired ad. Put your ads in the places and examine. As the sites are different, so you also have to think in different point of view, but never try to follow one’s rule to another. If this happens, you can get different results as the visitors see different sites in different point of view.


Color: You can convert the default color of the ads and this is very much significant. In most instances we can notice that, if we select the color of the ads according to the vividness of the website’s background, text, title and so on. In some cases, the use of the color of the ads should be light, if the color of the background is black. You can sample different colors in order to get a test. You do not ask to modify the code of the AdSense, just find it out from the slot settings of the advertising. You can modify the color of all your ads by selecting multiple slots of your advertisements.


Custom Channel: Many people do not possess any idea on Custom Channel and they do not recognize how to apply it. Custom Channel is an easy and the proper way to know about the position of your ads. If you attach a custom channel with every ad you can know from which ad you are earning excessively by clicking several times from the dashboard. If you put your custom channel properly, you will bring in more. Because, sometimes the advertisers target these custom channels for the advertisements. In that event, they have a great budget. We will discuss on how to use custom channel properly in our next post.


Block The Ads: Another way to increase the earnings is to block the ads. You can fix it from the type, category, website, etc. Do not block an ad without getting the assurance. If you do so, your profit will be diminished step by step. Because, as more as you block the ads, the pressure on the bidding of the advertisers will be decreased. One time, you will find that, you blocked the higher-budget ads instead of the lower-budget ads. It’s not necessary regularly. It is needed for some of the websites and advertisements.


We strained to give the issues simply through this post. We will expand it with proper guideline, picture and video in the next session. If there is any question, please feel free to inquire. We will respond ASAP.

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