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Increase Facebook Fans

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

                                                Increase Facebook Fans

Increase Facebook Fans
            If you have a Facebook fan page then you would definitely love people to visit your page. You want to increase the number of fans visiting your page. It’s good to have a Facebook fan page and it feels great to promote your fan page. You feel happy when the number of people visiting your page increases. But what’s the point if you have a Facebook fan page and very less number of visitors. Here are some useful tricks and tips that tell you how to get Facebook fans.
1)      First step to take is to invite all your Facebook friends. Then ask your friends to share your page with their friends as well .As the chain increases, number of fans increases.
2)      Use other ways to invite people to visit your Facebook fan page. Use different kind of applications to invite them. In order to do this, you can also make use of other social networking sites as well.
3)      Share details of your Facebook fan page with your visitors and fans. This will let other people know about your fan page.
4)      Ask your fans different questions and create a competition between them. This will help in increasing the rating of your Facebook fan page.
5)      Ask owners of other fan pages to visit you fan page and request them to promote your page. You promote their page and they will promote yours.
6)       Share knowledgeable and mind testing sites with your fans and stay in contact with them all the time. Try to solve their problems and difficulties. Ask them to share their opinion about your fan page. This will let you know how many people like your page and how many do not. The question again arises how to get Facebook fans.
7)      Connect your fan page with twitter and invite all your twitter friends to visit your fan page and ask them to further ask their friends to visit your page. It will be a nice act to connect your twitter friends with your Facebook fan page.
8)      Many of you think how to get Facebook fans. Post interesting things about your page and this will work wonders for your page.
9)      Post things that your fans want to see and use. Share entertaining stuff with them and share laughter with them. Whenever a fan shares something from your page, you are informed about this and you can check this in the news stream.
10)  Post intriguing and interesting things and see you fans share your posts more than usual.
11)  Ask your fans to share your page with some of their friends. If they do this, then definitely your network will grow fast.
12)  Be regular and punctual in posting content. If you don’t do this then many of your fans will not visit your page and the number of your fans decreases. And that is really not an encouraging sign for any owner.
13)  No one likes a page that does only self promotion. Try to post content that the fans require. Forget about how to get Facebook fans. Just do your job properly and fans will come themselves.
14)  Encourage your fans to post on your page and allow them to post content they like. You can choose content from the selected fans and save them in the news stream. Keep all the content in one place. It gives an idea of your fan page.
15)  If you are tagged with your fans then do respond to your fans. Because if you don’t remain in contact with them. Then you will lose your fans. Make a habit of checking your Facebook fan page daily.
16)  Tag you fans if you post any video or picture. Your fans will come and share your post with other friends.
17)  Have a discussion daily with your fans regarding the current situation of the country and its progress.
18)  Whenever you comment on any post then leave your Facebook page address there. Make a signature of your fan page address.
Using these tips you can really encourage people to become fans of your Facebook fan page.

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