How to Start a Blog

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Ever wanted to write your account of a specific event or place or maybe share a new cuisine? Have you given a thought about starting your own blogging website but have not been able to get the appropriate information on how to proceed? If any of these questions bring about the answer ‘yes’ to your mind, you have come to the right place now because here, not only the possible options would be explored, but you will also find out the preliminary starting steps to set up your own blog site that could in future generate income for you.

So before we start discussing about the options, let us see how to start a blog guide for beginners to start a blog of their own that could return the amount and time invested.


Getting Started

  • Choose your platform- Choose your own blogging platform as that is the starting step you have to take. Almost all the people have heard about WordPress, which happens to be the most popular blogging platform due to its easy layout and countless add-ons as well as plugins. Other alternatives include Tumblr, Blogger, BlogSmith, etc.


  • Self-host or Hosted- Now this pans out to be one of the most crucial decisions to make. With a self-hosted blog, you earn as well as own your blog having complete freedom along with the domain name of your choice. However if you are not so serious at the moment, free blogs or hosted blogs should be the right choice for you.


  • Get started with the design- After you have chosen the package and made the decision in the previous step, it is time for you to consider and plan how your blog page or site would look like. With WordPress, you have the freedom to select different themes as well as templates for your website to look exactly like you have wanted.


  • Ask around and learn- This is one of the most important steps that people miss out on. Even if you have a great experience in writing or have had previous experience social media set up, you still need to consult or look towards experienced bloggers and learn in order to hone your skills as a beginner.


Writing a Blog

You may have learnt how you can start your own blog but to make it worth reading , you need to keep in mind that the blog should reflect you and your opinion in a clear manner, no matter what people might feel from it. Thus, before starting to write a blog, you need to be clear on your topic as well as thoughts that need to be penned. Remember, all the great bloggers manage to entice readers because they are clear and steady, reflecting their thoughts on the reader’s mind. Also, you need to research well and get all your facts verified before mentioning them.

It is neither that tough, nor a cakewalk. But yes, when you get started with a blog, you need to put in a lot effort for it to develop fully and return the money as well as time you have invested.

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