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How to Protect Yourself When Working Online

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Working online is the new trend in town folks. Look around yourself- hardly anyone is interested in traveling distances to get work or complete it. With technology making new advancements and the world made smaller with internet, working online is being preferred by more and more people for their ease and comfort. But is it safe to work online? With an increasing number of hackers and frauds hiding behind the screens trying to rob the hard workers, we have assessed the current situation and come up with a few precautions as well as facts to know that might assist in protecting yourself when working online.


Securing Your Work

The most important aspect of protecting yourself online is securing the work that you do and supply to your employers. If you happen to be a designer of art or media or are a budding writer, your work reflects you and your style. And that might be plagiarized after having been stolen from you. Thus, you need to make sure that you get paid for all the work you do or it might turn out to be a fraud. For protection, you can have payment to be transferred to you in advance or, you need to ensure that the client deposits the money into a third party account from where on the examination of the submitted work, the money can be released to you. So, protecting yourself as an employee is very important as many ‘pretending’ employers tend to lie and rob you off your hard earned money.



Phishing, hacking are some of the common attacks that take place on the network every now and then. In such attacks, the user information is stolen by notorious people who might sell the obtained information or use it for their own gain to take money or business. Not just that, it has been observed in many reported cases that the payment was not secure in the transaction due to which both the employer and the employee had to bear the loss. In such cases, the employees usually do not get paid in full. To avoid such a scenario with yourself, you need to make sure that you use only secure payment gateways and that you have already verified all your details including name, photograph, bank account details and a residential address. With all verification done and the details with the payment gateway, your payment is bound to reach you or your bank account in a much more secure way. The payment gateways and third party accounts might charge a small fee as their commission but at least, it guarantees you that your money will reach you and only you.

It is not an easy job to be able to protect yourself while working online as you need to concentrate on the work as well as your security. But make sure that you follow the basic rules and take the simple precautions. Doing so will always ensure that you are protected and secure while working online.

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