How to Make Money by Blogging

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

This is perhaps one of the mostly frequently asked questions by people who want to earn cash very quickly without trying to understand the efforts that are put behind to taste the real success. However if you happen to be a blogger and are looking for an opportunity to make some cash while pursuing your hobby of sharing your opinions and thoughts with the world, this is the best place for you to learn how and when to start with what. Blogging as we all know is the activity in which a writer or an individual shares his experiences, opinions or thoughts with other people but when a blogger gains popularity and people look forward to his or her new post, this can be very well utilized by the individual to earn cash and increase the value of his blogging site.

Making Money

After you have made sure that your blog has an eye catching yet simple design that can compel users to give their attention, you need to focus on the content quality of the blog. You must be wondering that why a ‘how to make money by blogging’ guide is asking to focus on these things. The secret here is that with an attractive style and engaging content, you would be able to attract more visitors and as that number increases, the potential for your blog to start earning increases automatically.

After these have been ensured, let us move to the monetizing steps. The various ways in which you can earn money with blogging are as follows-

  1. Google AdSense or contextual Ad service- Using these, you can get advertisements displayed on your website in the size and shape you want. The ads would be automatically related to the topic of your blog to make it a complete package while you make money.


  1. Writing promotional content- How about you become the advertisement yourself for the brand you like and write for them? You can earn handsome amount of money for such a promotional content on your blog which is being seen by thousands as the company benefits from its product or services becoming popular.


  1. Pay per Click Service- The PPC or Pay Per Click service is another way in which you can earn money. The advertisements when clicked on your blog generate income which is directly redeemable for you.


  1. Become an affiliate and market directly- Apart from direct promotion of the brand or service, you could also try becoming an affiliate in the process of affiliate marketing which lets you earn commissions when your marketing efforts bring customers to the firm.


There are of course many more related techniques but these 4 are the most efficient as well as popular techniques to make money online with your own web blog.

Remember, the key to earn money with a blog lies in the hands of the writer as well as the thoughts of the expresses. So don’t hesitate to bring out your thoughts and you can certainly generate the best blog one day.

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