First Job On UpWork

How To Get Your First Job On UpWork

by RitikaGupta

How To Get Your First Job On UpWork

If you are just a beginner at UpWork you must have started worrying about how do people get their first job and make money out of it? Well, you are not alone in this race. Lots of freelancers who start at UpWork go through this phase. We are here to guide you with some tips to get the first job on UpWork.


Here We Go…

  • The first and the most important thing that most of the freelancers overlook is their [textmarker color=”FF6600″]Profile Page[/textmarker]. For startups, it is very important to create an appealing profile page containing your skills and proficiencies that can drive the client automatically. Try to explain your skills and proficiencies in short sentences. If you are a beginner, your project history would be zero so you must work on completing your profile page to 100%.


  • Take UpWork tests. Well, UpWork gives its freelancers, an option to test their skills and knowledge and present it in front of the clients. Some clients ignore these tests but some consider these tests on priority to check how efficient you are. To be on a safer side of the road, you must give these tests accruing to your skills and let client view your test results.


  • Go through the job posts very carefully before applying for it. Most of the UpWork startups end up repeating this mistake. Do not create a single page for all of your job posts. Make sure, you go through the entire job description and place your bid accordingly. Some clients are smart enough and they ask you to mention some specific words in the beginning or at the end of your [textmarker color=”FF6600″]Cover Letter[/textmarker] in order to check, if you read their job post seriously or not.


  • Make sure you devote time on submitting your proposal. Do not submit your proposal in hurry. Your proposal is the first point of contact that you will make with your client. Your client may not check your profile page before your proposal so you need to make sure you submit your proposal after thoroughly going through it.


  • Keep your bid’s rate to a nominal one. If you are just a beginner, your aim is to get your first job. You have to attract client with the best services at the nominal rates. So, make sure you set nominal hourly or project rates before the client.


Once you are able to get your first job and good rating from the client, you are likely on the way to getting success on UpWork. You can continue with these pointers and grow each day. Try to give something new to the clients each day. The road to getting your first job is tough but your smartness and dedication to work at UpWork can really help you to take yourself to unimaginable heights.


Wrapping Up

Above are some simple yet useful tips to getting the first job on UpWork. Hopefully, you will find this information useful and consider it while hunting for jobs and getting your fist job on UpWork.

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