Earn with Photography

How to Earn with Photography as a Skill

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Photography is one of the most awarded as well as one of the toughest skills to acquire. Holding just a DSLR or other high density pixel camera doesn’t make you a photographer. To be a good photographer, you need to understand as well as implement what you have learnt as the basics of light, reflection, camera principles as well as timing. However, you have been practicing photography for quite some time now; it is time for you to get out in the professional world and gear up for some real time projects. You might have to choose your photographer profile as there are many types of different photographers who have been categorized on the basis of their work and specialty.

Here is how you can earn by Photography-

  1. Upload and Sell Your Photographs – This is one of the best and most common ways for photographers to earn. Everyone is looking for copyright free images in their business websites and applications today and thus they are inclined to buy photographs. By selling your photographs, you can forge new long time relations with a client and make name as well as good amount of money.


  1. Do Portfolios for Models and Actors- For all the models out there, portfolio is the key to get their next gig and if you are a great photographer who can handle portfolios, you are in for a hell lot of money than you could imagine.


  1. Do Wedding Photography – Why not put your skill to good use and make someone’s wedding a memorable one where you capture priceless moments and get paid well? The couples out there want to have brilliant moments captured from their marriage and yes, money is no issue for a big fat wedding after all with all the pre wedding and post wedding shoots.


  1. Estate Photography- Now even though it sounds too simple, it isn’t. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds and thousands of estate photographers who capture the scenery of a house, the interior decorations and the aspects of the different rooms. These photographers are not paid handsomely but regular work compensates well for the less pay offered.


  1. Be a Fine Art Photographer- Now we hate to break it to you but this is the best earning photographic profile and even though every other photographer is trying to get into this, they just can’t get into its flow. But if you manage to get along well with capturing the scenic beauty and the tiny details with utter beauty, you are the man for the job and the increasing money would be limitless.



Be Professional, always

The key to any good job’s success is being professional. Whenever you are pursuing photography irrespective of whom you are doing it for, never let anything stop you from doing it with full devotion. Thus, it is advised that you keep it strictly professional and never do it for free because photography, it’s not just a job- it is an art.

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