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How To Claim a WordPress Blog

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
If you have a blog that hosted on WordPress.com : You can claim your site using the meta tag verification method . However , since WordPress.com doesn’t directly support the Alexa verification ID method , so you’ll need to paste your verification ID into one of the Google , Yahoo , or Bing fields .How :
1. First Log in to your Alexa account .
2. Go to http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/claim and enter your site URL .
3. Select any one of the plans showing there .
4. Now use the “add Alexa verification ID” method to claim your site and copy the meta tag .
5. Alexa meta tag will look like thisAnd you need to copy “your-verification-id” . Now leave this window/tab open .
6. Open a new tab/window and log in to your wordpress.com blog .
7. Now select ” Tools  >  Available Tools ” from the left-hand sidebar panel .
8. Paste the verification ID (from meta tag) into one of these fields :
‘ Google Webmaster Tools ‘ ,
‘ Yahoo! Site Explorer ‘ or
‘ Bing Webmaster Central ‘ .
9. Now press the ” Save Changes ” button .
10. Then go back to alexa.com window/tab and press the “Verify my ID” button .Now your site should be verified . You can change site info , contact details if you wish . . . . . . .

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