Freelancing Tips

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
Freelancing is the talk of the town these days. And there is every
reason that why it should be like this what it is now. Freelancing is
the name of a dream, it has fulfilled dreams of millions. Lots of
people, especially the teenaged and the jobless ones received
freelancing as a heavenly thing. Freelancing also did not let them
down. It provided them with money and happiness, that is why
freelancing is loved by the ones who actually know what it is. Even
now after these great successes, lots of people think that freelancing
is not a true thing. They think that there is no way that one can earn
money on online. The reason behind this thought is that, they all are
failures and that is why the prevent people to enter in this great
arena of success. Anyway, if you do freelancing then you must know a
lot of tips before starting. Here they are for your betterment.

The first thing about which you should always be attentive is the
buyer. Try to know the background of the buyer’s profile. How is the
profile? Is his rating good? If the answers are yes then it is fine in
most cases but things are not that easy in all the cases. A buyer does
not have good reviews, it does not mean that he or she is not a good
buyer and not going to pay you. There may be lots of reasons that why
he or she does not have good reviews. One very common reason is if the
buyer is new. If he or she is new, then there is no chance of having
good reviews so that is a reason. Another reason is if the workers
that he hired was bad. Suppose he is a new buyer and he hired one
worker in his first job. The worker was bad and gave the buyer a poor
review. Now, the buyer’s profile will tell you that he is a bad buyer
but actually he is not. So, it is a thing that you should always keep
in mind. Try to maintain good behavior with buyer. That helps in lots
of cases.

Another very important tip is to know the payment details before
starting the job. Most buyers have own styles of paying the workers.
IF you don’t know those and start working at your sweet will, you may
suffer in the long run. For example, suppose you started working as a
writer in a job and you wrote articles worth of a hundred dollars.
Now, when you will ask for the payment the buyer may tell you that he
only pays via paypal or any other online bank which is not available
in your country. Now in this case you are gone so be attentive before
you start otherwise you may have to cry at the end.

If you can maintain these things then it is sure that you will suffer
less than the fellow freelancers and these will help you in the long


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