Freelancing : How to Get Clients to Work For

There are several challenges that you are likely to face, as a person getting started in a freelancing career. One of these is the challenge of getting clients to work for. The way modern freelancing works is such that it is easy enough to identify the freelancing websites, where you can market your services. It is similarly easy enough to create profiles, identify projects you can do and proceed to bid on them. The real challenge is in getting the clients to select you as the winning bidder, because you will almost invariably be competing against well established service providers. So, if that is the case, how do you get clients to work for? Here are some tips:
  1. Create an outstanding profile: many clients are likely to be interested in going through your profile, before making the decision on whether to award you projects or not. It therefore makes sense for you, as a person who is interested in getting clients to work for, to invest time and effort in building an outstanding profile. It is possible to win clients on the strength of having a good profile alone (even if you are a new freelancer, with no experience/feedback to rely on).
  2. Join multiple freelancing sites: the nature of freelancing sites is such that they tend to give their members limited opportunities to bid. So as to increase the number of bid opportunities available to you, you may consider joining multiple sites. In sites where you can get more bid opportunities upon paying a fee, you should take advantage of that opportunity. The reality of the situation is such that, as a new freelancer, you will probably have to bid for very many projects, so as to eventually win a few. Thus, having joined the multiple freelancing sites, you should proceed to make use of every bid opportunity available to you, so as to ensure that you gradually get the best jobs available.
  3. Take several exams: the clients you will be encountering in freelancing sites will be keen on knowing if you have the skills necessary to complete their projects successfully. One way of reassuring them is by taking the exams offered by the freelancing sites nowadays.
  4. Create a portfolio: the clients you will be encountering in freelancing sites will be keen on knowing if you have the experience necessary to get their projects completed in a successful manner. One way of reassuring them is by creating a formidable portfolio of your works (especially if you are in a niche where a portfolio can really increase credibility).
  5. Write persuasive bids: these should be bids that truly make clients consider working with you. They should be outstanding bids. You have to keep it in mind that you will be up in competition against other better established players. Anything that can make you seem more attractive than them (to clients) should be leveraged upon.
  6. Bid low: most of the clients you will be encountering in freelancing sites are very price-sensitive. They are often willing to overlook experienced and well established service providers, if there are less experienced and less well established service providers charging them less. Of course, bidding low is likely to mean earning less. But the objective is to win some projects, earn some feedback, and thus get to a point where you can be regarded as an established/experienced player: at which point you can start earning what you really deserve.
Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu (Bengali: মইন উদ্দিন আহমেদ টিপু) (born January 08, 1992) is a computer expert. Moin was born in Chittagong, a city of Bangladesh. Moin is 24 years old Bangladeshi Young Entrepreneur, Online Social Media Entrepreneur, Web Developer/Designer and Online Marketing Consultant live in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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