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Freelance Work – What Makes it Highly Attractive

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

There are several things that make freelance work highly attractive. It is on account of these things that we have seen people leaving ‘nice’ 9 to 5 jobs, to venture into freelance work. It is on account of these things that folks who are already established as freelancers tend to be very reluctant to stop freelancing, even when presented with other types of opportunities.


Without further ado, the factors that make freelance work highly attractive include:

The Fact That Freelancers Get The Enviable Chance To Choose Their Own Hours: If, as a freelancer, you happen to be in the category of the so-called ‘night owls,’ you can opt to be working right up to 3 in the morning, and then get to sleep late into the next morning (say, right up to 10 or 11 in the morning). As a freelancer, you can opt to go wherever you like, whenever you like, provided you eventually make the effort to make up for the time you have to spend while away on the various missions. People who hold conventional jobs can only dream of this sort of flexibility, and many (especially those who haven’t been exposed to the freelance model) don’t believe that such flexibility is actually possible.


The Fact That Freelancers Get To Choose What To Work On: A freelancer selects the projects to bid on, those being projects he or she is likely to enjoy working on. A person who is holding a conventional job has, on the other hand, to work on the projects presented to him or her by the boss, regardless of whether those are projects he or she enjoys or not.


The Fact That Freelancers Get To Choose Who To Work With: People holding conventional jobs have to work with the colleagues and supervisors they get ‘by sheer chance.’ They have no chance to choose whom to work with (and they often end up working with very unpleasant folks). A freelancer gets to choose the clients to work with, and he or she only has to put up with clients who turn out to be unpleasant for as long as their projects last. Then he or she can ‘boot’ them for life.


The Fact That Freelancers Get To Work At Their Own Paces: As a freelancer, you don’t have a nasty supervisor breathing down your neck every moment, and making your existence hellish. So long as you manage to finish clients’ projects, everything is sure to be well for you. And the nature of freelancing is such that you can ensure you only take up projects that you can handle comfortably. Thus, you never end up being under pressure.


The Fact That Freelancers Determine Their Own Earnings: As a conventional job holder, your paycheck is largely fixed at one point/on one amount, however hard you work. Perhaps the boss may give you a measly bonus once in a while, but that is all. As a freelancer, on the other hand, you can improve your fortunes greatly, if you work hard(er). You can also opt to work less, and enjoy more leisure. That level of flexibility is very attractive, is one of the main things that draw people into freelance work.

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