Freelance Work Success

Freelance Work Success – How to Attain It

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Freelance work success is elusive. You just have to look at the very huge numbers of people who have tried to freelance and failed, to agree with the assertion that freelance work success is elusive. But its elusiveness notwithstanding, freelance work success can still be attained. We now venture to look at some of the steps you can take, to attain freelance work success. Without further ado, we come to learn that if you want to attain freelance work success, you need to:


Invest (Consistently And In The Right Way) In Skill Development: One reason as to why many people who attempt to work as freelancers fail is in the fact that they don’t invest properly in skill development. Yet they expect to compete effectively with folks who are very highly skilled. It can’t work that way. You have to remember that, as a freelance worker, you will be getting paid by people, using their hard-earned money. They, in turn, expect you to help them in doing things they wouldn’t otherwise get done for themselves. In most cases, for you to be in a position to do that, you need to have high-level skills. You will also have to remember that you will in the final analysis be competing against others. For you to win against those other freelancers, you need to be better skilled. That is so as to give the clients a reason to select you and not those other freelancers, for their projects’ execution.


Invest Consistently (And In a Proper Way) In Business Development: This is mostly a focused and well thought out strategic investment of effort and time, in things like bidding for projects, to ensure that you always have adequate amounts of well paying projects to keep you occupied.


Deliver What You Promise To Clients: If you do this, and you do it consistently, you will get a good reputation, and you will soon get so much work that you will not really be in a position to handle all of it.


Charge Reasonably Pocket-Friendly Rates For Your Services: As a freelancer in today’s world (especially if you are an Internet-based freelancer), you have to realize that you are up in competition against millions of other similarly skilled freelancers. You also have to realize that the clients you will be dealing with are mostly business people, whose major mission is that of minimizing costs, and maximizing profits. Such clients therefore have no incentive to use your services, if your services are extremely expensive. You must, on the other hand, not under-price yourself to a level where you can’t meet your personal and business costs, leading to the collapse of the freelance enterprise. You thus have to strike a balance between charging low enough to be competitive, yet high enough to ensure that your personal and business costs are well covered. It is a hard balance to strike. But it is one that you can still strike if you are well focused, and if you are keen on seeing your freelance enterprise succeed.

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