Freelance Photography

Freelance Photography a Full-Time Job

by RitikaGupta

So, if you are that one relative or a friend who is always asked to click pictures at any social gathering or event. If you love capturing everything beautiful around you and are head over in heels love with your camera, then you are a real photographer. Clicking pictures is an art. A talent that everyone does not possess. If you are one of the lucky few who has the knowledge of the lens and the perfect lighting, then it’s high time that you turn your hobby into a job.


Freelance Photography

Surprised? Well, photography is a growing market in today’s generation. With your knowledge of camera, you can make tons of money out of your hobby. First, to get into the field, it will be very helpful if you have basic knowledge of Photoshop. This software is the gold mine of the photography business. Just download it from the internet and see some tutorials online. If you practice, regularly you are sure to get the hang of it. Once you know how to operate Photoshop, you can later edit and beautify your pictures even more.


How To Start

The first step is a bit confusing as no one knows how to start. We suggest you take small steps. The first thing a lot of freelancers do is to open social media accounts, but that should come in last. After gaining knowledge about Photoshop, you should work on making your portfolio. Have a range of pictures that you have clicked and edited. Ask a friend to model for you or click pictures at a family gathering. Don’t let your camera rest till the time you have your perfect photos. After you have accumulated about twenty to twenty-five pictures that you are satisfied with that’s when you should launch yourself on social media. This is done so that any client who comes across your page can see your prior work.


If you have a good command of your language. Then, you can even start a photography blog which will help you to gain more clients and also share your experience as a photographer with the world. Attend events where you can meet like-minded people. Gradually you will be able to network in the photography circle.


I would suggest that initially, you pick up any event you are offered. Be it a birthday party event or a charity event. Even if that’s not your niche, you will get some practice. A lot of startups too, now days look for freelance photographers to cover their first shoots. In fact, a lot of bloggers too, hire a professional photographer to help them with their pictures on websites. There are numerous aspiring models who would like to get their portfolios clicked.


As a freelance photographer, you have a lot of opportunities. You just have to grab them. It’s high time that your camera clicks something more than just family events. You can be a freelance photographer while continuing your full-time job. But as they say, life is unpredictable maybe you don’t have to bother about a full-time job after all.


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